Why Should Every Woman Travel Alone?

Traveling alone is a very difficult decision for most women. But I believe every woman should do this at least once in her life.

Why Should Every Woman Travel Alone

Unfortunately, there are still prejudices about the woman who chooses to travel alone and even she is seen as the “poor thing”.  We have to face several questions: Are you going alone? Are you looking for someone? Aren’t you afraid of traveling alone?

To tell you the truth, traveling alone has changed my life. I had been through a lot of trauma, I broke up with almost everything ready for marriage (including the wedding dress purchased). With that, I decided to plan the long-awaited exchange to the United States in California.

The biggest madness was that I planned everything on my own, without agency. Thank God everything went very well. Get out of here with your heart in your hand. But I was really scared. And it was the happiest day of my life. I met many interesting places and people.

After this trip, I realized I had a mission to show women that there is life beyond a love relationship.

Reasons Every Woman Should Travel Alone

1. Gain confidence and self esteem

Traveling alone means that you will have to make your own decisions, helping to become a more confident and decisive woman.

There is nothing better than overcoming some obstacles and knowing that you did it without relying on someone else.

2. Feeling of freedom

Solo travel can be a highly liberating experience in your life.

You will have the freedom to do exactly what you want to do at any time you want. When it comes to traveling alone, you can choose whether you want to sleep, fill your day with tours or go to that restaurant that only you like.

3. Know other cultures and people

Many people think that traveling alone is a loneliness thing, but it’s amazing how you meet nice people along the way.

I have always had people who helped me during my travels, despite language barriers. I still believe in the goodwill of people.

4. Learn to be turning on your own

Of course when you travel by yourself, you go through rogues, like going into that cramped mega airport bathroom and doing magic to get in your bags, as happened to me at Atacama.

And many others do happen, but overcoming these frills will bring you great confidence.

5. Make your own script

When we travel alone, we can make our own script. No arguments, no compromises, no worries about whether your partner would like to go to that museum, for example.

These are the reasons I believe why every woman should travel alone at least once in her life. Hugs and have a nice trip!

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