Visit Beautiful Portugal

Portugal has for many years been a popular destination for holidaying Europeans and especially Britons. In many ways, however, Portugal has fallen a bit into the shadow of its neighbor Spain. It is very unfair because the country has so much to offer, while you can enjoy a nice summer climate. Since Portugal has its coast towards the Atlantic and not towards the Mediterranean, this is usually not as hot (at least if you stay along the coast) as is the case in Spain, Italy and several countries. In other words, Portugal is a nice destination in the summer and is actually really comfortable in the winter. The Atlantic Ocean gives a nice breeze along the coasts and works wonderfully cooling on a hot summer day.

Many also experience the Portuguese as a very nice and helpful people, who really have sun in their minds. Families with children notice the child-friendliness that exists in the country; taking small children out to a restaurant is not seen here as disturbing but instead something very natural. Traveling here with children is therefore no problem at all, it can actually even be the ideal destination for the family with children.

Like many countries, Portugal is divided into different regions. According to itypeauto, there is a lot to discover throughout the country and here, of course, your own taste applies when it comes to exactly what it is you want to see and do. If you are looking for versatility, you should not miss the capital Lisbon. The city has around 1 million inhabitants and offers most things in culture, entertainment, restaurants and shopping. Although the city is large, the pace is calm. Rarely do you see someone running up the escalators down to the subway or in town. In other words, this is a really pleasant city to stay in. However, one should be prepared for the fact that Lisbon is very hilly; here it is important to have comfortable shoes if you want to be able to trudge around all day. Otherwise, it is nice to break off the walk with a bus ride or maybe a ride with the tram up to the castle that towers over the city.

If you travel with children, a visit to the Zoo and the large aquarium is very popular; this the children will talk about both long and well.

A couple of hours north of Lisbon you will find the country’s second largest city: Porto (or Oporto as the city is called in Portuguese). It is just like the capital a hilly town, with steep slopes and breathtaking valleys down to the river that runs through the city. Porto is probably best known for the port wine produced by several players in the area. Here you can go to port wine tastings, something that is very popular.

Farthest south you will find the Algarve coast, which for many years has appealed to those who enjoy sunbathing and swimming. There are a variety of resorts and hotels, both in small towns and smaller fishing villages. It is not to experience city life you go to the Algarve; this is about enjoying life in a calmer way. However, you do not have to focus solely on sun and swimming. There are many cozy little resorts to visit along the coast that all have their own special charm.

Visit beautiful Portugal

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