Visa to Ethiopia

According to A2zgov, to enter Ethiopia for citizens of Ukraine and citizens of other countries, it is necessary to obtain a tourist visa.

The visa is issued electronically, within three days from the date of submission. Our company will be happy to assist you in obtaining a visa to Ethiopia.

Visa support to Ethiopia
Attention!!! The cost of visa support to Ethiopia for booking a hotel or tour is 75 USD
Type of visa and validity period Visa type Terms of registration Price
Ethiopia Single Entry VisaLength of stay – 30 days from the date of entry Tourism 3 days $95
Ethiopia Single Entry VisaLength of stay – 90 days from the date of entry Tourism 3 days 115USD

To obtain an online visa to Ethiopia, you must:

  • Ethiopia visa application
  • A copy of the first page of the international passport in pdf format, no more than 300 kb.
    The validity period must be at least six months after the date of departure from Ethiopia.
  • One photo in electronic form on a white background in jpg format (up to 300 kb).


  • For other types of visas to Ethiopia, a list of required documents is available upon request.
  • Applying for an Ethiopian visa for children is carried out in the same manner as for adults.
  • Entry of tourists on an e-visa to Ethiopia is possible only through the Addis Ababa airport. This is an important fact to consider when planning your itinerary in Ethiopia.

Visa to Ethiopia

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