Uzbekistan Industry

Uzbekistan’s industrial sector is dominated by energy production and mining. There are also several vehicle assembly plants. Agricultural machinery and fertilizers are also important industrial goods.

Cotton production is central, although only a small proportion of Uzbek cotton is processed in the country. In addition, clothing, textiles and food are produced, for example.

The industry contributes about one-third of the country’s GDP and employs almost one in four wage earners. The industries are concentrated to the area around the capital Tashkent and to the Fergana Valley.

Foreign investors have often been hesitant to invest in Uzbekistan due to longstanding and changing regulatory systems, corruption and government involvement in the business world. President Mirzijojev’s 2016 government is committed to improving the business climate on these points. To date, the automotive industry and the mining industry have had the greatest success.




Crisis support for companies

April 10

President Mirzijojev orders the central bank to pay out a total of $ 3.1 billion to the country’s banks so that they can in turn support local producers and companies with capital. The reason for the support measure is that the government wants to try to mitigate the negative effects of the spread of the new corona virus, which has caused a pandemic. In the past, the government has ordered all provinces and major cities to be quarantined and urged residents to engage in so-called social distancing and only leave homes for work and necessary matters.


New long prison sentence for Karimova

March 18th

The late President Islam Karimov’s daughter Gulnara Karimova is sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison for, among other things, blackmail and embezzlement. Karimova, a former diplomat and singer, ended up in rage with justice as early as 2014 when she began being mentioned as a possible successor to her father. The documents that led to the verdict are not clear. When the verdict falls, Karimova is already imprisoned for other crimes for several years.


The former spy boss receives a new prison sentence

February 25th

Ichtijor Abdullaev, a former security service chief, is sentenced to 19 years in prison for receiving bribes. The trial has been going on behind closed doors in a military court since June 2019. Abdullaev was sentenced in September 2019 to 18 years in prison for violating customs rules and for being involved in organized crime. Judges say that the trials are politically motivated as Abdullaev must have violated his powers and monitored and intercepted President Mirzijoev.

Bloggers are fleeing the country

February 20th

Blogger Nafosat Ollosjkurova flies from Uzbekistan for fear of being locked up in the psychiatric hospital by the authorities. She has been harassed by the authorities since she was locked up in a psychiatric clinic in September 2019 for two months after filming a protest march.

Praise from the United States

February 3

On a visit to Uzbekistan, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praises the host country for the recent reform policy. He says that the United States wants to strengthen cooperation with Uzbekistan, which is located in a region where both China and Russia have strong economic and political interests.


The government remains

January 22

Prime Minister Aripov and his government receive renewed confidence after the parliamentary elections. The President leaves all ministers sitting.

Ex-diplomat convicted of treason

January 9

A retired diplomat is sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for treason by a military court in Tashkent. The man has been detained since December 2018. The verdict receives criticism from international human rights organizations. Among other things, relatives of the media state that the man has been subjected to mental torture as threats to the family.

The Liberal Democrats are increasing in the second round of elections

January 5

In the second round of parliamentary elections, the Liberal Democratic Party wins 10 of the 22 seats at stake. Uzbekistan’s Democratic Party for National Renewal gets 1 mandate, Socialist Justice Party gets 3 seats, People’s Democratic Party and Uzbekistan’s Ecological Party win 4 seats each. The total distribution of seats will be: 53 seats for the Liberal Democratic Party, 36 seats for the Uzbekistan Democratic Party for National Renewal, 24 seats for the Social Democratic Justice Party, 22 seats for the People’s Democratic Party and 15 seats for the Uzbek Republic’s Ecological Party. The turnout is 62.8 percent.

Uzbekistan Industry

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