Turkey Entry Requirement

Travel and Visa

Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic

According to allcitycodes, Turkey’s air, land and sea borders are open, there are restrictions on land entry from Iran and ferry traffic with Greece.

All air travelers over six years of age must complete an electronic form from the Turkish Ministry of Health within 72 hours prior to travel. This does not apply to transit passengers. The control takes place on entry or at check-in. Afterwards, travelers are given an authorization code (“HES code”), which must be shown during controls in the country. The code can also be obtained in Turkey via SMS or an app.

In addition, travelers from Germany from the age of six must present one of the following documents when entering by air, land or sea:

  • Result of a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours)
  • Result of an antigen test (not older than 48 hours before arrival)
  • official proof of a complete vaccination (at least 14 days before arrival)
  • official documentation of a recovery from a COVID-19 infection (not older than 6 months)

This does not apply to the transport sector (flight personnel, truck drivers, seafarers) and to transit passengers. In the case of air travel, evidence must be presented at check-in. Different regulations may apply when entering from third countries.

When entering Turkey, random PCR tests can be ordered, after which the onward journey to the destination can take place immediately. If the test result is positive, treatment is carried out according to the Turkish guidelines. Temperature measurements are also carried out upon entry. Additional health examinations can be carried out if the body temperature rises or if there are other COVID-19 symptoms.

For trips from Turkey to Germany, the provisions of the German entry regulations apply. This will be verified upon check-in.

Source: Federal Foreign Office on July 27, 2021

General provisions for travel and residence (until the corona pandemic)

For stays of up to 90 days, all you need is a valid passport. A visa is not required. If you are already in Turkey and are planning a longer stay, you can apply for a residence permit within 90 days of entering Turkey. This can be done at the Aliens Department of the Police Department in Turkey (Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü, Yabancılar Şubesi).

Immigration, permanent residence, residence permit

If a longer stay in Turkey is planned before entering the country, a visa must be obtained from a Turkish mission abroad (embassy, ​​consulate general, consulate). Requirements: a valid passport, health insurance and proof of livelihood – either through pensions, assets or an employment contract.

Types of residence permits

Short-term stay (Kısa Dönem İkamet İzni)

Applies to scientists, property owners in Turkey, business people, tourists, among others. A stay of between 1 and 2 years is possible.

Family stay (Aile İkamet İzni)

Applies to foreign spouses or children of a Turkish citizen / holder of a residence permit. Granting for a maximum of 3 years. The period of validity cannot exceed the period of validity of the spouse’s residence permit. Subsistence and sufficient living space must be ensured.

Study visit (Öğrenci İkamet İzni)

Applies to foreigners who want to study at a university in Turkey. The stay is granted for 1 year and can be extended by 1 year at a time until the end of the course

Unlimited stay (Uzun Dönem İkamet İzni)

This can be obtained after an uninterrupted stay of at least 8 years. It requires the approval of the Ministry of the Interior and a governor’s office.

Application and processing

At e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr (General Directorate for Migration), both initial and renewal applications can be submitted online in several languages. After the online application, an appointment is made with the responsible provincial migration authority for a personal interview with each applicant. The electronic printout of the agreed date legalizes your stay in Turkey up to this date.

Only after this interview has been carried out can the authorities issue a document stating that an application for a residence permit has been submitted. With this document and the receipt of the fees you can enter Turkey within 15 days and stay there until the final decision on the application for a residence permit has been made.

If all the necessary documents have been submitted and a positive decision on the application has been made, a residence card will usually be issued within 90 days and sent to the address you provided.


The documents to be submitted can vary from case to case and should therefore be requested in more detail at the embassy or consulate.

In general, the following documents are required:

  • Passport and a copy of it (valid for at least 60 days)
  • 4 passport photos
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources
  • Proof of address (e.g. rental agreement)
  • Proof of valid health insurance

Identity number for foreigners

If you are in possession of a residence permit of at least 6 months, you will be given a foreigner identity number (Yabancı Kimlik Numarası), with which services from authorities or private institutions can be used.

This number can either be found at tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr or requested from the responsible security directorate / immigration authority (Emniyet Müdürlüğü, Yabancılar Şubesi).

Turkey Entry Requirement

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