Travel to Kyoto

When you go to Kyoto, you will be the one traveling to Japan. This means that you are facing a culture clash called duga if you are Swedish in the bone marrow. In any case, everything will go well. It is no problem to communicate with the Japanese, as they are very polite and respectful, and that they can also in most cases speak good English. Japan is a wonderful country to travel to, where you get a lot of time to be inspired by the rich culture, their customs, the lives of the people who live there and the whole of Japanese history. Yes, there is so much to discover so you could take a vacation for several years before the source of knowledge is depleted.

Now most people do not have time at all to have long vacations, but a trip of two weeks or three can be very wonderful in Japan as well. Maybe you’re not so interested in history that you spend too much time on it. There is much more here. Japanese shopping is very good. Here you will find lots of international shops, while the traditional Japanese crafts and clothes are woven together with the large complexes. Of course, the Japanese also like to have fun, which then means that the Japanese nightlife and all the entertainment that can be found in this country is massive.

Little facts about Kyoto

According to themeparktour, this city was once the capital of Japan. The city is located on the Japanese island of Honshu. Something that Kyoto is known for is their many different Buddhist temples. This, together with the Japanese tradition of always offering beautiful gardens and imperialist palaces, forms the basis for tourism to flourish in Kyoto. Here you will also find lots of different Shinto buildings and wooden houses, which is the traditional residential building in Japan. Another thing that Kyoto is very famous for is what they call the meal kaiseki. Here it consists of a variety of small dishes while you are entertained by traditional geishas. Something you simply must not miss if you want to experience Japan for real.

Find your accommodation in Kyoto

Of course, there will be no shortage of hotels and accommodation for all those who visit Kyoto. Here everything is just as usual. In fact, this is a very good choice of destination if you travel without having booked accommodation, as you will always find a wide range of accommodation with a very high standard. However, it is always best to book accommodation directly with your trip when you are visiting a country you have no knowledge of at all.

In Kyoto, people like karaoke

Something that you do not see much of as a Swede in Sweden are people who sing karaoke. In Asia, this is something very popular, and is performed in everything from ordinary homes to being found almost everywhere in the nightlife. The Japanese in particular are very much in love with karaoke. In many places in Kyoto you will therefore find a scene where people completely sonic go up and sing. It’s one thing you should not miss when visiting Japan.


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