Travel to Faro

Lovely Portugal attracts crowds of travelers each year, with the majority of visitors coming from the UK and Ireland. Here you can usually enjoy the sun and avoid the cold and gray winters, while you get a lot for your money. If you are looking for sun and swimming, you should definitely head to Portugal’s sunny coast, the Algarve, which is at the far south of the country. The water is certainly not as warm as in the Mediterranean, this is after all about the Atlantic, but it is still very beautiful swimming and above all there are wonderful and miles of beaches to enjoy. At the same time, it is very easy to get between the many small towns in the Algarve; if you have not rented a car, it works great to transport yourself and your family by train that runs along the coast.

However, the very first thing you see as a flight traveler to the Algarve is Faro, the central town in this part of the country. From the airport in Faro, it is not far to the city center, where you can quickly get by airport bus. From here you can then move on in the Algarve in several ways, but why not stay in Faro and discover all that there is to see and do here? Many visitors just come here and turn around, move on, or travel home from here. This is a bit boring and unfair, when it is absolutely possible to spend a holiday in Faro. Below we will give some tips on what to see and do in the city.


Yes, as already mentioned, the Algarve visitor is usually tuned in to sunbathing and swimming. What better way than to start by recommending some beautiful beaches where you can enjoy life? Definitely visit Praia da Falesia, which is located a short distance outside the city. Here you can enjoy a clean and well-kept beach, wonderful water – and several restaurants and cafes for those who want. Worth a visit is also the island of Ilha Deserta, which can be reached by a ferry that departs regularly from Faro. The boat trip takes about 45 minutes and then you arrive at a very long beach that is absolutely not abandoned, but where it is still not very difficult to find a vacant place.


In Faro there are several interesting churches to visit, including the cathedral, which has a very beautiful bell tower. You should also not miss the Carmo Church, which is nicely decorated and is centrally located in the city. Just outside Faro is the Palácio de Estoi, located in a charming little village where you are welcome to take a short excursion. The palace is at the same time a hotel, offers a fantastic view of the countryside and has a very popular restaurant.

Shopping & City Life

According to holidaysort, Faro actually offers a lot of shopping, even though the city only has about 30,000 inhabitants. Here you will find several of the large chains, as well as many smaller and independent stores that are well worth a visit. There are also many cozy cafes where you can sit down and have a coffee with something good, while resting your legs.

Are you in the Algarve – definitely do not miss Faro! Feel free to plan a few nights here when you visit the region.


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