Tips for Your Trip to Portugal

Going to Portugal has become more than a trend in recent years. More and more people are taking the road west towards the southern parts to either settle down or take a wonderful holiday. For those who have chosen Portugal as a destination, here are some useful tips for this trip that will surely make an impression on the person or people who travel there.

The climate in Portugal

The nice thing about Portugal’s climate is that it is often not so nauseating and hot along the coasts. Inland, on the other hand, one can expect temperatures of up to 40-45 degrees in the summer. But it is also because there is no water that emits a nice breeze. The Atlantic Ocean is a cold sea and you will notice this in the evenings and nights in the coastal cities if you are out on night adventures or in a party mood, when the temperature creeps down 15-10 degrees. Feel free to bring a jacket, especially if you plan to stay right on the beaches where there are many bars. In the northern part of the country, it is significantly greener than in the central and southern parts, which can be as dry as twigs, especially in forests and land. Watch out for fires and never throw a cigarette on the ground as eucalyptus trees catch fire faster than quick.

Water quality

According to aceinland, you should not drink the water from the tap, even though it may feel relatively safe. You can get very sick and stomach ache in Portugal tends to be a little stronger than at home. If you buy water in the shops at a bottle, you are relatively safe.

Pharmacies and hospitals

Whether you need care or are just looking for a pharmacy, you should bring the European insurance card, which gives you the right to the same care and price as for the Portuguese themselves. There are many pharmacies in the cities and they usually maintain the same standard and sell approximately the same medicines as in Sweden.

Food and traditions

The food in Portugal consists mainly of seafood. Eating out is very cheap and the restaurants are usually of a fairly high quality. If you are unsure, you should preferably avoid shellfish in certain places. You can never know. Cod is otherwise the main course and the country’s most popular fish in the food chain, along with doradon which can really be recommended.

Portugal is otherwise a Catholic country with Christian traditions and people like to celebrate various patron saints. Statues are often seen along the roads or in some hollowed-out wall in the cities that symbolize a saint.

Think about the attire

You like to dress quite nicely in the cities and when you go into churches and places like Fatima, shorts and short skirts and just shoulders are not allowed.

Currency in Portugal

As an EU member state and one of the euro countries, Portugal thus has the euro as its current currency.

The electricity

No adapter is needed when staying in Portugal. They have the same electrical system as Sweden and use 220 V.

If you are going to rent a car in Portugal

Renting a car to get around is common and also a great way to see the whole country. You can rent from the international companies and you also know what you are getting. Avoid the Goldcar brand that is found in both Spain and Portugal. They can be a little tricky with the prices.

A Swedish driving license is sufficient for car rental. Keep in mind that petrol is quite expensive in Portugal, over 1.50 Euro / liter.

Tips for your trip to Portugal

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