Things to Do in Armenia


The Tsakhkadzor ski resort is located 40 km north of Yerevan in the valley of the Marmarik River. On the territory of 12 km of slopes with chair lifts, several swimming pools, a stadium, a sports complex, a stable, as well as hotels and restaurants of Armenian and European cuisine.

There are relatively gentle slopes for beginners and children (altitude difference of about 200 m) about 3 km long, and there are also steep slopes for extreme people in the upper part of the mountain (altitude difference of about 350 m). There is a bobsleigh track at the bottom. For Armenia climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

It makes sense to climb to the very top, even if you are a beginner – from there, in sunny weather, from a height of 3000 m, gorgeous views open up.

True, sunny weather in Tsakhkadzor is far from always, fogs are not uncommon here, and at this time it is undesirable to ride, especially for beginners and on unfamiliar tracks. In addition, there are many undeveloped areas in this resort. Experienced skiers can lay their own trails, but this must be done carefully, in good weather, and preferably in the company of an instructor.

In sunny weather, from the top of the mountain you can see Lake Sevan and Big and Small Ararat.

On the territory there is a ski equipment rental and shops where you can buy sports equipment. A ski pass for 2 days will cost 16,000 AMD, for 3 days – 23,000 AMD, and for a week – 49,000 AMD.

Skiing in Tsaghkadzor can be combined with a cultural holiday. On the territory of the resort there is the monastery complex Kecharis of the 11th century, as well as the House-Museum of the Orbeli brothers, the famous Armenian dynasty of scientists.

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Treatment in Armenia

The main direction of Armenian medical tourism is balneology. There are a huge number of mineral springs on the territory of the country, and it would be a sin not to take advantage of this. Clean mountain air and an abundance of greenery also contribute to healing.

In all sanatoriums of Armenia, tourists will be offered mineral baths, wellness procedures with therapeutic mud and hydromassage. In many boarding houses there are anti-stress pearl rejuvenating baths, thanks to which the skin becomes more elastic, paraffin therapy and laser therapy are actively used. In addition, in Armenian sanatoriums, guests are offered oxygen cocktails from medicinal herbs to help the body exhausted by the urban ecology recover.

One of the most famous and ancient balneological resorts in Armenia is Jermuk. It is located in the mountains, at an altitude of about 2000 m, surrounded by forests, rocks, rivers and waterfalls. Back in the 1st century BC. e. the first terms have already appeared here. Today in Jermuk there are about 40 hot healing acidic springs, which contain a large amount of useful minerals that cure many diseases. In addition, this resort is considered the most inexpensive in the country.

Mineral waters in Armenia are consumed both inside and in the form of therapeutic baths. It has been proven that they have a powerful healing effect on the entire body.

Another Armenian balneological resort is Dilijan. There are also mineral springs here, and in 1947 the Dilijan Mineral Water Plant was built. Many boarding houses were built around these sources, including one anti-tuberculosis one. Treatment in Dilijan can be combined with excursions – this is a very beautiful city with ancient architecture.

The healing region in the vicinity of Lake Sevan is popular. Firstly, there is mountain air and it is very beautiful, since the lake is located in a mountain bowl, and secondly, there are also many mineral springs and sanatoriums here.

What to bring

Supermarkets, large stores and most shops are open daily. The latter are often closed in the morning, but open until late in the evening. Bargaining in stores is not accepted, but in the markets it is a must.

Souvenir number one is the famous Armenian cognac, many brands of which can be found in almost any shop. The most famous varieties are “Ararat”, “Armenika”, “Sayat Nova”, “Noy”, “Armenian Cognac”. The cost of 0.75 liters of quality drink starts from 6500 AMD.

Be sure to pay attention to Armenian carpets with traditional motifs; they are sold not only in specialized and souvenir shops, but also from cars in the Yerevan market – here the largest selection. Antique carpets can be purchased at Vernissage, a giant flea market that takes place every day on Republic Square in the capital.

Other souvenirs include wood products (cognac bottle holders, vases and plates for fruit), copper jazve Turks, amulets and traditional dolls woven using the tapestry technique, glass products and Christmas decorations with national motifs, “tarosiki” — mini-gifts for guests at weddings, bronze figurines of national heroes.

8 things to do in Armenia

  1. Take a picture against the backdrop of the legendary peak of Ararat (and even see the remains of the Ark on it).
  2. To taste Armenian cognac and from now on recognize only it.
  3. Pay tribute to the memory of Mesrop Mashtots and learn to read at least a little bit in Armenian.
  4. Admire the transparency of Lake Sevan.
  5. Be surprised by black pita bread and try beef tail stew.
  6. Listen to the duduk of Jivan Gasparyan and, if you’re lucky, the baritone of Charles Aznavour.
  7. See the world’s oldest knotted carpet.
  8. Get drunk from the fountain-pulpulak in Yerevan to be sure to come here again.

Things to Do in Armenia

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