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According to Paradisdachat, the United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates, each with its own ruling family and individual government. The UAE is ruled by a Supreme Council which is composed of the seven rulers of the individual emirates. The President of the UAE is chosen from among the rulers by the Supreme Council and serves a five-year term. The executive branch is headed by the President and his Cabinet, which consists of members appointed by him and approved by the Supreme Council. The Cabinet’s role is to implement government policies and programs as well as manage government resources. The legislative branch consists of an appointed Federal National Council which acts as an advisory body to the executive branch on matters such as economic development, social welfare, education, health, security, justice and foreign policy. The judicial branch includes both civil and criminal courts at both federal and local levels. The highest court in the country is the Federal Supreme Court which has jurisdiction over all matters related to federal law. Other courts include local court systems in each emirate; Appeal Courts; specialized courts such as economic or labor courts; Sharia (Islamic) Courts; and military courts for cases involving military personnel. The UAE also has several independent bodies responsible for overseeing aspects such as public service reform, human rights protection, elections administration among others. These commissions have their own boards comprised of members appointed by both Parliament and Cabinet Ministers depending on their area of responsibility. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strongly maintained its reputation as a reliable and responsible partner on the international stage since its independence in 1971. The UAE’s foreign policy is characterized by a commitment to peaceful coexistence, regional stability, and economic development. Over the years, the UAE has established diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries and is home to over 200 diplomatic missions. The UAE has traditionally maintained strong ties with fellow Arab states in the region. The country is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which promotes economic and security cooperation among its member states, as well as the Arab League which facilitates cultural and political dialogue between 22 Arab nations. The UAE maintains strong ties with Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen through various forms of financial aid and diplomatic support. In addition to its close relations with other Arab countries in the region, the UAE also enjoys close ties with many non-Arab countries around the world. The country’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia makes it an ideal partner for many global powers including China, India, Japan and South Korea who have all invested heavily in infrastructure projects throughout the country. On top of this, the UAE has forged strong relationships with Western nations such as Britain and France who view it as an important ally in promoting peace and stability within the Middle East region. The UAE also maintains good relations with Russia despite their differences on certain issues such as Syria or Ukraine. Despite these differences however both nations have sought to strengthen their relationship through increased economic cooperation as well as military collaboration on various regional issues such as countering terrorism or piracy in nearby waters. Overall, through its diverse network of international partners spread across many different regions of the world, the United Arab Emirates has firmly established itself as a reliable partner for many global powers while simultaneously maintaining strong ties with fellow Arab countries in order to promote peace and stability within its region. See recipesinthebox for United Arab Emirates defense and foreign policy.

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