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According to Paradisdachat, Turkmenistan is a presidential republic, with the President of Turkmenistan serving as both head of state and head of government. The government is structured in a single-party system, with the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan being the only legal political party in the country. The current president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, has been in power since 2007 and was reelected in 2017. The legislature in Turkmenistan is made up of two chambers: the Mejlis (lower house) and the Khalk Maslakhaty (upper house). The Mejlis has 125 members who are elected to five-year terms by popular vote. The Khalk Maslakhaty is composed of tribal leaders and representatives from various social organizations. Both chambers have equal powers when it comes to passing laws and making decisions on matters related to foreign policy and internal security. The government structure also includes a Supreme Court which serves as the highest court for civil, criminal, economic, administrative, and military cases; a Constitutional Court; a Supreme Economic Court; local courts; military courts; arbitration courts; and other specialized courts. All court decisions are subject to review by higher judicial bodies. The Ministry of Justice is also responsible for administering justice throughout Turkmenistan. The government also consists of several ministries that handle various aspects such as agriculture, energy resources, foreign affairs, healthcare, education, finance and economy, industry and construction materials production, labor and employment services among others. Each ministry has its own cabinet comprised of ministers who are appointed by the President with approval from parliament. Turkmenistan’s foreign relations are largely centered around the country’s energy resources. The country is a major natural gas exporter and is home to the world’s fourth largest proven natural gas reserves, making it an important player in the global energy market. Turkmenistan has sought to maintain strong ties with its major trading partners, such as Russia, China, and Iran. Additionally, Turkmenistan has developed strong diplomatic ties with numerous other countries, including Turkey and the United States. Russia and Turkmenistan have maintained close relations since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia is a major trade partner for Turkmenistan, buying up most of its natural gas exports while also providing military support and training to the country’s armed forces. China has also become increasingly important for Turkmenistan in recent years, as Beijing seeks to secure long-term access to Turkmenistan’s natural gas reserves through investments into infrastructure projects like pipelines connecting Central Asia with East Asia. Turkmenistan also maintains good relations with Turkey and Iran due to their shared cultural heritage as well as their close geographical proximity. Ankara has invested heavily into various infrastructure projects throughout Turkmenistan while Tehran has sought to increase economic ties between them through signing free trade agreements and other bilateral agreements that have made it easier for Iranian companies to invest in Turkmen businesses. Additionally, both countries have sought to increase cooperation on security issues such as counterterrorism by signing various Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). The United States is another important ally for Turkmenistan in terms of security cooperation. The two countries have signed a number of MOUs on counter-terrorism efforts and military training programs that seek to improve security throughout Central Asia by strengthening regional stability. Additionally, Washington provides humanitarian aid for various social projects throughout the region such as improving access to healthcare facilities or providing food assistance during times of need. See recipesinthebox for Turkmenistan defense and foreign policy.

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Turkmenistan is a country located in Central Asia. It is bordered by five countries including Iran, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. It has a population of approximately 5.8 million people and the official language spoken in...


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The industrial sector in Turkmenistan is dominated by oil and natural gas extraction. The country’s extensive cotton production has been followed by a growing textile industry and production of cotton seed oil, among other...