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Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris, Turkey

According to Zipcodesexplorer, Marmaris is one of the best resorts in Turkey, it is considered the most “European” in the country. The fact is that not so long ago, the main contingent of vacationers...

Turkey financial policy

Turkey Demographics 2014

 State of south-western Asia and, to a small extent, of south-eastern Europe. The demographic data of Turkey highlight the passage to a new phase of the demographic transition, with fertility and mortality rates in...

Turkey Entry Requirement

Turkey Entry Requirement

Travel and Visa Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic According to allcitycodes, Turkey’s air, land and sea borders are open, there are restrictions on land entry from Iran and ferry traffic...

Turkey History since 2000

Turkey History since 2000

The Turkish government was asked to resolve its territorial disputes with Greece in the Aegean Sea, and to adapt the country to European political standards, with particular reference to the issue of human rights....

Europe's foremost cultural cities

Europe’s Foremost Cultural Cities

Norway is a country with a rich history, but which can by no means compete with the leading cultural cities in Europe. Several of the European capitals and cities have dozens of sights, museums,...


Turkey Industry

Most industrial facilities are located in western Turkey. Private manufacturing industry with textiles, vehicles and electronic goods has developed into the most dynamic sector in the economy. Believing Muslim business leaders in Anatolian rural...