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According to Paradisdachat, the government of North Korea is a single-party communist state led by the Workers’ Party of Korea. The country is officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and is governed by its constitution which was adopted in 1948. The government is headed by the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, who holds ultimate power and authority over all aspects of life in North Korea. The legislative branch consists of the Supreme People’s Assembly, which consists of 687 members elected to five-year terms. This body is responsible for making laws and approving budgets for the country. The judicial branch consists of various levels of courts, including a Supreme Court at the apex. Judges are appointed by the Supreme Leader and are responsible for interpreting and applying laws. North Korea has a highly centralized system of government with no local governments or autonomous municipalities. All decision-making power rests with the central government in Pyongyang, which controls all aspects of life in North Korea, including education, health care, public works and sanitation. The Constitution guarantees citizens’ rights such as freedom from arbitrary arrest or exile; freedom from torture or cruel or degrading treatment or punishment; freedom from interference with privacy; freedom to express opinion freely; freedom to assemble peacefully without arms; freedom to form political parties; and right to due process under law. However, these freedoms are not always respected in practice and many people have been persecuted for their political beliefs or activities against the state. North Korea’s foreign relations have been largely characterized by a policy of self-reliance and an overall reluctance to engage in international affairs. This is due in large part to the country’s decades of isolationism, which has seen it become increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. North Korea is a member of the United Nations, but its relations with other UN members remain strained due to its nuclear weapons program and ongoing human rights abuses. North Korea’s closest ally is China, with whom it shares a long history. The two countries maintain close political ties and have maintained economic cooperation since the 1950s. China has provided North Korea with substantial economic and military assistance over the years, though some have criticized this assistance for propping up an oppressive regime. North Korea also maintains diplomatic ties with Russia, though their relationship is not as close as that between North Korea and China. Nonetheless, Russia has provided assistance to North Korea in the form of food aid and energy supplies, as well as military hardware such as fighter jets and submarines. In addition to these major powers, North Korea also maintains diplomatic relations with a number of smaller countries around the world such as Cuba, Syria, Libya, Vietnam and Laos. These countries tend to share similar views on international issues such as disarmament or nuclear non-proliferation. The United States has been one of North Korea’s most persistent adversaries over the years due to its strong opposition to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program and human rights abuses. The two countries do not maintain official diplomatic ties but have held several rounds of talks on denuclearization since 2018 in an effort to reach a peaceful resolution on this issue. Overall, North Korea’s foreign relations are largely defined by its commitment to self-reliance and isolationism from most other nations around the world. It maintains close ties with only a few select allies while engaging in hostile rhetoric towards most other nations that it perceives as threats or opponents of its leadership or policies. See recipesinthebox for North Korea defense and foreign policy.

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The Role of China on North Korea

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