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City of Groningen, Netherlands

Sights of the City of Groningen, Netherlands

The moment you want to write about the 10 most beautiful, best and most interesting sights in Groningen, we quickly realize that it is mainly the city itself that forms a highlight. There are...

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Rotterdam is a vibrant cosmopolitan, attractive and in every way impressive metropolis. Not only is it the second largest city in the Netherlands, it is also one of the country’s commercial and economic centers....

Emigration to Netherlands

Emigration to Netherlands

Area: 41,543 km² Residents: 17,290,688 (January 31, 2019) Population density: 416 E / km² Type of Government: constitutional monarchy System of Government: parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: Belgium, Germany Capital: Amsterdam National language: Dutch, Frisian (province of Friesland) Religions: 27% Roman Catholic,...


Netherlands Industry

Industry matters less to the Dutch economy than the sector does in many comparable states. The largest in the manufacturing industry is the production of food. The chemical engineering industry with products such as...