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According to Loverists, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The government is based on a Constitution that was adopted in 2011 which guarantees basic freedoms and rights, separation of powers, and the rule of law. The head of state is the King who serves as both head of state and head of government. The legislative branch consists of a bicameral Parliament (Majlis al Ouma) with 395 members elected to five-year terms by popular vote. The lower house is the Chamber of Representatives (Majlis al Nuwab) with 305 members elected from multi-member constituencies, and the upper house is the Chamber of Counselors (Majlis al Mustasharin) with 90 members elected indirectly by local councils for nine-year terms. The Parliament has the power to enact laws, approve budgets, ratify international agreements, and appoint ministers. The judicial branch in Morocco consists of two levels: local courts and the Court of Cassation (Mahkama al Kassassa). All judges are appointed by royal decree for life terms. The Court of Cassation is responsible for interpreting civil law statutes, reviewing cases concerning constitutional rights, and reviewing appeals from lower courts. In addition to its federal government structure, Morocco also has several autonomous entities that have their own governments including provinces which enjoy some autonomy over their internal affairs such as taxation and public services like education and healthcare. There is also an advisory body known as the Supreme Security Council which serves as an advisory arm to advise on matters concerning national security policy as well as international relations between Morocco and other countries. Morocco is a North African country located on the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It has a rich history and culture that have been shaped by its geographic location, making it an important regional power in the region. Morocco is known for its strong diplomatic ties with countries around the world, particularly in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Morocco has long maintained close ties with its Arab neighbors, particularly Algeria and Tunisia. The two countries are both members of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), which seeks to promote economic integration and cooperation between them. Morocco is also a founding member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and has participated in several initiatives to promote peace and stability in the region. In Europe, Morocco has developed strong relations with France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and other European countries. These relationships are based on centuries-old cultural ties as well as mutual economic interests such as trade agreements and investments. Additionally, Morocco is a member of several European organizations such as the Council of Europe (CoE) and Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP). On a global level, Morocco maintains close ties with many nations around the world including China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Russia. These countries provide assistance to Morocco through financial aid for development projects as well as technical support for local companies looking to expand their operations into foreign markets. Furthermore, Morocco is an active participant in various international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Overall, foreign relations remain an important part of Moroccan policy as it seeks to promote peace and stability throughout its region while also developing closer economic ties with other countries around the world. Through strong diplomatic efforts backed by mutual economic interests between nations around the world, Morocco can continue to build upon its existing relationships while also forging new ones that will benefit all those involved. See prozipcodes for Morocco defense and foreign policy.

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According to SOFTWARELEVERAGE, Morocco is a North African country located on the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of around 35 million people and its capital is Rabat which is located...

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El Jadida El Jadida, built by the Portuguese in the 1600s on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, was originally called Mazagan. The city was built as a fortress, in one of the richest...

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The complete pacification of Morocco under the sheriff’s authority (1934) coincided with the abandonment, by the successors of Lyautey, of a policy of careful and considered aiding in the evolution of modern Morocco, which...

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Morocco History Timeline

According to franciscogardening.com, Morocco is a country in northwestern Africa. It borders Western Sahara to the southwest and Algeria to the east. The coastline west of the country is formed by the Atlantic Ocean....


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Phosphate processing dominates the heavy industry, with the production of phosphoric acid and fertilizers, among others. Other significant industries are oil refining and chemical industry, cement production, textile industry and iron and steel manufacturing....