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Morocco Tamuda Bay

Resorts in Morocco

El Jadida El Jadida, built by the Portuguese in the 1600s on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, was originally called Mazagan. The city was built as a fortress, in one of the richest...

Morocco World War II

Morocco Before and During World War II

The complete pacification of Morocco under the sheriff’s authority (1934) coincided with the abandonment, by the successors of Lyautey, of a policy of careful and considered aiding in the evolution of modern Morocco, which...

Morocco History Timeline

Morocco History Timeline

According to franciscogardening.com, Morocco is a country in northwestern Africa. It borders Western Sahara to the southwest and Algeria to the east. The coastline west of the country is formed by the Atlantic Ocean....


Morocco Industry

Phosphate processing dominates the heavy industry, with the production of phosphoric acid and fertilizers, among others. Other significant industries are oil refining and chemical industry, cement production, textile industry and iron and steel manufacturing....