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According to Paradisdachat, the government of Iraq is a federal parliamentary republic based on the 2005 Constitution, which divides power and authority between the central government and the regions. The executive branch consists of the President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. The president is elected by direct popular vote for a four-year term and serves as head of state. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President with approval from parliament and serves as head of government. The Council of Ministers consists of various ministers appointed by the Prime Minister with approval from parliament. The legislative branch in Iraq consists of two bodies: a 325-member unicameral Council of Representatives (COR) which is elected by direct popular vote for four year terms; and a Presidential Council consisting of three members who are also elected for four year terms. The COR passes laws, ratifies international agreements, approves cabinet appointments, approves budget proposals from the executive branch, directs foreign policy decisions etc. The judicial branch in Iraq consists several courts including Supreme Court which serves as highest court in Iraq with jurisdiction over all other courts throughout country; provincial courts; administrative courts; special High Criminal Courts which handle offences against national security etc. All judges are appointed with approval from Judicial Supervisory Board and Iraqi High Judicial Council depending on court type. In addition to these branches there are numerous other institutions involved in various aspects of governance such as local government bodies responsible for providing services to citizens at a local level; an independent Independent High Electoral Commission responsible for conducting free and fair elections; an independent Human Rights Commission responsible for protecting human rights etc.. Overall, Iraq’s government structure reflects its commitment towards democracy while ensuring efficient administration through bureaucracy thus ensuring good governance in country. Iraq’s foreign relations are complex and dynamic. Iraq is a major player in the Middle East, both politically and economically, and has close ties with many neighboring countries. Iraq also has strong ties with the United States, Europe, and Russia. Iraq’s relationship with its neighbors is strained due to its history of conflict with Iran and Syria, as well as its ongoing military presence in Kuwait following the Gulf War of 1990-1991. Despite these tensions, Iraq maintains a close relationship with Jordan, which acts as an intermediary between Iraq and other Arab states. The two countries also share strong economic ties; Jordan is one of Iraq’s main trading partners. In recent years, Iraq has sought to expand its diplomatic relations beyond the Middle East region. It has established diplomatic relations with China, India, Japan, Canada, Mexico and South Korea among others. In addition to this it enjoys close political ties with the United States which have strengthened since the 2003 invasion of Iraq by US-led coalition forces. Iraq also has strong economic ties with other countries around the world including Russia and China who are both major investors in Iraqi oil fields as well as providing technological assistance for oil production operations in the country. In addition to this it enjoys close trade links with Turkey which provides access to European markets for Iraqi goods through its ports on the Mediterranean Sea. The Iraqi government is committed to upholding human rights within its borders although there have been some reports of abuses by security forces against civilians during times of unrest or conflict. The government has made efforts to increase transparency in governance processes while also seeking international assistance from organizations such as UNESCO to improve access to education services across the country. See recipesinthebox for Iraq defense and foreign policy.

Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

The many-sided Baghdad is a complete contradiction. On the one hand, where else to explore the East with all its treasures and mysteries, if not in the city of the best Arabian fairy tales,...


Iraq Industry

Iraq’s industrial sector is based on the refinement of the country’s natural resources and agricultural raw materials. Production of oil-based products such as gasoline, chemicals, fertilizers and plastics predominates. The second most important is...