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Germany Literature - the Baroque Period

Germany Literature: the Baroque Period

CULTURE: LITERATURE. HUMANISM AND THE REFORMATION Humanism, anticipated by the stationery contacts of Charles I of Bohemia with Italy at the end of the fourteenth century, and witnessed its beginnings from ‘ Ackermann aus...

Germany Literature - the Ottonian Period

Germany Literature: the Ottonian Period

CULTURE: LITERATURE. THE OTTONIAN PERIOD The translations of the Latin classics made around 1000 by Notker Labeo, the first contacts of the Alemannic abbeys with Aristotelian philosophy (through the Cluny reform), the influx of...

Germany Culture

Germany Culture and Literature

CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION Protagonist of more than a millennium of European and world history, Germany boasts an artistic and cultural heritage worthy of its own historical event. The birth of German culture can be...

East Berlin

East Berlin

In the part of Berlin that was occupied by the Soviets (Eastern Sector), on November 30, 1948, a magistrate controlled by the SED and its organizations was constituted under Mayor Friedrich Ebert (* 1894, †...

Germany Industry

Germany Industry

Germany is one of the world’s leading industrial nations with companies in virtually every industry. In the mid-2010s, the manufacturing industry accounted for around a quarter of gross domestic product (GDP). Despite several well-known...