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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Industry

In the Dominican Republic, lighter industrial goods for the domestic market are produced such as food, clothing and shoes, leather goods and cement, which makes an important contribution to the economy. Clothes and shoes,...

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Geography of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is divided by several mountain ranges that run approximately parallel from northwest to southeast. Along the north coast lies the Sierra de Monte Cristi, which rarely reaches over 750 m. To...

Music in the Dominican Republic

Music in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic music has deep roots in West Africa and Europe. Some of the music scene has also absorbed some cultural elements from the Taino Indians, who made up the majority of the population...

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Literature of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic can hardly be said to have had a literature of its own before the liberation from Spain in 1844. The lyricist Manuel María Valencia (1810-70) introduced the romance, followed by Félix...

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The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a republic in the Caribbean, and constitutes the eastern 5/8 of the island of Hispaniola, which the country shares with Haiti. Hispaniola is part of the Great Antilles, and the...