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According to Petsinclude, the government of the Czech Republic is a unitary parliamentary republic with the president serving as head of state and the prime minister as head of government. The executive branch consists of the president who is elected by popular vote for a five-year term and the cabinet which is appointed by the prime minister. The legislative branch consists of a bicameral parliament with two houses – the Chamber of Deputies and Senate – both elected to four-year terms. The judicial branch consists of local courts, appellate courts, a Supreme Court and other specialized courts. The Constitution guarantees basic rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, association, religion and movement although these rights are often restricted in practice due to censorship or political instability. Citizens also have access to free public education up to university level studies along with healthcare services throughout the country although these are inadequate due to lack of resources in rural areas. Poverty levels remain high with over 20% of the population living below the poverty line. Women’s rights are often neglected in Czech Republic and they face discrimination in many aspects including access to education and employment opportunities as well as legal protection from gender-based violence such as rape or domestic abuse. In addition, minorities such as Roma suffer from discrimination when it comes to accessing basic services such as healthcare or education. The Czech Republic has a long history of diplomatic relations with countries around the world. Since gaining independence in 1993, the Czech Republic has become an active participant in international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO and the European Union. As a result, it has developed strong ties with many countries across Europe, North America and Asia. In Europe, the Czech Republic is a member of the Visegrad Group (V4) which includes Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. This group was formed to promote cooperation and collaboration between these four Central European states on political, economic, security and cultural issues. The Czech Republic also maintains strong ties with its neighbor Germany due to their shared history as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before World War I. The Czech Republic has also developed close ties with countries in North America such as Canada and the United States. Canada is an important trading partner for the Czech Republic while it also receives significant foreign investments from American companies operating there. The two countries have signed several bilateral agreements on topics such as science and technology cooperation or defense cooperation which further strengthens their relationship. In Asia, the Czech Republic enjoys good relations with China, Japan and India among others. China is one of its biggest trading partners while Japan is an important source of foreign investments for businesses operating in Czech Republic. These Asian nations are also involved in various joint ventures on energy projects throughout Cypriot territories which further strengthens bilateral ties between them while allowing for increased economic growth for both parties involved. Overall, it can be seen that due to its strategic location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia coupled with its long history as an independent nation-state since 1993; The Czech Republic enjoys good diplomatic relations with many different nations around world which helps it remain secure economically while allowing it to develop closer ties with other nations through trade agreements or joint ventures on energy projects throughout Cypriot territories. See relationshipsplus for Czech Republic defense and foreign policy.

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According to EHEALTHFACTS, the Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland to the north, Germany to the west, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the...

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ECONOMY: SERVICES The country’s rail and road networks are well developed as they are located at the center of the international lines connecting with Hungary, Vienna, Berlin and Moscow. Air transport focuses on Prague-RuzynÄ›,...

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The Czech Republic has an extensive engineering and metal industry. Especially vehicle production is important. The manufacture of textiles, shoes, glass, optical instruments and electronics is also important. Pilsner type of beer originated in...