Sights of Uganda

According to Extrareference, the largest city in Uganda and its capital is Kampala. It lies in a picturesque place, on the coast of Lake Victoria. Before the British came to the country, the local king chose this place as the best place for hunting. In order to get to know the historical past of Uganda and Kampala in particular, you should definitely visit the Kampala Museum, which exhibits numerous archaeological, ethnographic and other expositions, as well as traditional tools for the peoples living here. Any visitor is allowed to play the musical instruments exhibited in the museum. Unlike most cities in equatorial Africa, Kampala is a modern city where you can find nightclubs, restaurants and even casinos. The architectural component of Kampala is very diverse, here you can find both European Art Nouveau buildings and Indian temples, and domes of Christian churches. In the southeastern part of Uganda lies the country’s second largest commercial center – the city of Jinja. A characteristic feature of the city is that it has been subject to significant Indian and Asian influences. Jinja was once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Busoga. Due to the fact that the city lies at the very source of the Nile, it is the best starting point for lovers of outdoor activities on the water. The atmosphere of the city is unique, at one time it was the center of Hinduism on the African continent, it is also one of the places where Mahatma Gandhi bequeathed to dispel his ashes. The old buildings of the city also bear the imprint of those years, most of the buildings in Jinja are of Asian style. Canoeing on the waters of the Nile will leave a pleasant impression on any traveler. For true connoisseurs of nature, An interesting place will be the Sese Islands, which are a group of 84 small islands that lie off the northwestern coast of Victoria. Unlike most of Uganda, this place has remained virtually untouched by civil wars and human impact. The locals living on the islands (Bases) have their own culture and language. The life of the Basese tribe consists of catching fish and growing coffee and bananas. The largest islands are covered with dense thickets of forests with a wide variety of tree species. In addition to excellent conditions for ecotourism, the Sese Islands are ideal for active recreation and fishing. The natural gem of Uganda, the country’s only Murchison Falls National Park, is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. The park is home to the famous Murchison Falls. Nile river, originating from Lake Victoria flows in a narrow 9-meter gorge and falls from a height of 43 meters. On the banks of the Nile, you can observe the life of many animals living in this place (crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, antelopes, etc.).

National cuisine of Uganda

The most popular product in Uganda is the banana. They are used in a wide variety of ways: fried, baked, mashed and much more. Most often, for cooking banana dishes, Ugandans use unripe bananas. Even drinks here are made from bananas: banana gin and beer. In addition to bananas, a huge number of other fruits grow in Uganda (mango, papaya, guava, pineapple, etc.).


The main state roads are maintained in fairly good condition, but still, most of the roads in the country are in poor condition. Moving away from the capital, you can often meet dirt roads, which become almost impassable during the rainy season. In large cities, the most popular form of transport is Boda-Boda, which is a motorcycle with two benches in the back for passengers to sit on. One Boda Boda can accommodate 10 passengers. Also in big cities, fixed-route taxis run, which are a faster way to travel, but here you should be vigilant, since conductors in fixed-route taxis very often shortchange tourists.

Currency exchange in Uganda

As of October 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 2609 UGX. The official currency is the Ugandan shilling. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks, shops, hotels, airlines and supermarkets. The best exchange conditions are offered in the so-called “forex bureaus”. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are only accepted in large hotels and some restaurants. Most private establishments accept US dollars.

Sights of Uganda

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