Sights of Dundee, Scotland

In the bustling Scottish city of Dundee you can find nice sights. The former port city also has a lot of art and culture to offer. A number of remarkable statues can be found scattered throughout the center. The most unusual is in a square opposite the entrance to the Overgate Mall. Here is the Dundee Dragon. This dragon especially attracts interest among the younger visitors. As everywhere in Scotland, beautiful castles can be found in the Dundee area. For example, the beautiful Broughty Castle at the mouth of the River Tay or Claypotts Castle in the northeast of the city. A lot is still being done in Dundee to develop. The Waterfront plan is one of them. Many nice hotels and cozy eateries can be found here. But the Victoria & Albert Museum with its idiosyncratic appearance should certainly not be forgotten.

Top 10 things to do in Dundee

#1. St. Mary’s Tower
According to internetsailors, the fifteenth century Gothic church was partly restored after the Second World War. The St. Mary Tower has a striking and robust appearance. The tower has always been of great importance in the history of Dundee. It has functioned as a belfry, as a clock tower and later even as a prison. The tower is about 49 meters high and has about 232 steps to the top.

#2. Cox’s Stack
This eighty-five meter high tower was built in 1866 after a design of an Italian campanile. The tower is a chimney that belongs to a former textile factory of the Cox family. The owner was also known as the ‘Jute Baron’. Due to its length, the Cox’s Stack can be seen from all over Dundee.

#3. Mains Castle
In Dundee’s Caird Park is this beautiful sixteenth century castle. The castle tower has six floors. At various places in and around the castle you can find dates and initials about when it was built and for whom. Mains Castle was built in 1582. Nowadays, this castle lends itself, among other things, to concluding marriages.

#4. McManus Galleries
The McManus Galleries can honestly call themselves the most beautiful gallery in Dundee. In addition to the gallery, there is also a museum with natural history collections. The expert George Gilbert Scott, known for tastefully restoring churches for other purposes, has been appointed to make the site usable. In recent years, some adjustments have been made to this museum, which originally opened in 1867 and was then called the Albert Institute for Science, Letters and Art. You can find this museum on Albert Square.

#5. Mills Observatory
This classically built observatory is located on top of Balgy Hill in the park of the same name. Linen and rope manufacturer John Mills was the first in Dundee to start observing the universe. His own furnished observatory was on the slope of Dundee Law. When he was able to convince the municipality to set up a larger and more professional space, the First World War broke out. Eventually this Mills Observatory was built, albeit only in 1935. You can recognize the building immediately by its striking dome on the roof.

#6. Discovery Quay
On this quay you will find a museum that is entirely devoted to the various expeditions that the Discovery ship has made. One of those expeditions was the scientific journey to the unknown Antarctica. During your stay at Discovery Quay you will learn all about Sir Robert Falcon Scott and his crew and what precautions they took.

#7. Claypotts Castle
This knightly castle is located less than five kilometers from Dundee. Clypotts Castle was built circa 1670 and belonged to the Strachan family. They did not live there for long, because in 1601 it was already resold. The castle was once extended with outbuildings and a ring wall. Unfortunately, they have not been preserved. Today the castle is under the supervision of the state administration. The castle is not open to the public.

#8. Law Hill
At the top of Law Hill Hill is a war memorial in honor of the fallen during the First and Second World Wars. It is built on top of an ancient volcano. A few times a year a flame burns in the top of the monument. This happens during various commemoration days. The memorial can be seen from all over Dundee.

#9. The Howff
In the garden of the former Franciscan Greyfriars monastery is a historic cemetery. For a long time this place even functioned as a meeting place. This was a popular place, especially among traders. Among the graves there is also the grave of James Chalmers. This was the inventor of the stamp glue. The old cemetery is today a protected historic area.

#10. High Street
The area around the High Street in the center of Dundee is particularly suitable for shopping. Many brands are represented in this shopping center. You will find the most beautiful fashion stores in the Overgate Mall in particular. A number of interesting museums and cozy restaurants can be found in the area.

Dundee, Scotland

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