Portugal – the Growing Tourist Country

The old dictatorship era in Portugal has long been a blown away memory. Nowadays, this is a well-established EU country that attracts tourists like a flycatcher. And it is not difficult to understand as it is a country that has everything to offer. Portugal has a varied nature, charming unspoilt cities and a hospitable people who are also very good at English. Between 1926 and 1974 it was difficult for the Portuguese when the country was under a strict dictatorship, but before that the people can be proud of their seafarers who discovered a large part of the world. Vasco da Gama is just one of them and this can also be seen by walking on the giant seafaring map located in Belémkajen in Lisbon.

Since the mid-70s, however, Portugal has grown big again, although one can still imagine poverty in some smaller villages, but it is also part of the country’s charm.

Typical of Portugal

This southwestern country, which once had a Moorish era, has experienced both highs and lows. But a common denominator is that it has always been a fishing people who fed on the delicacies of the sea. Therefore, you can revel in both seafood from morning to evening, wherever you are in the country. In addition to the food and national dish Bacalhau and the good pastries pasteis de nata, pastel de Belém is made which was originally invented by nuns and all these delicacies make it mouth watering.

Of course, Portugal is also a center of culture and entertainment and you can hear that by listening to the wonderful fado – a style of music that gives a sense of nostalgia and shows the soul of Portuguese life.

Important stops when in Portugal

According to itypetravel, Portugal really has something to offer, wherever you are in the country. Porto’s greenery in the north with vineyards in the Douro Valley producing vinho verde and the famous port wine, the glass and crystal city of Leiria and Marinha Grande in the middle of the coastline and the Roman city of Èvora where temples and cathedrals are pure delight to the eye. The latter city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site like so many other places and attractions in Portugal.

Then you can head towards Lisbon for an hour or so south, and further down towards the Algarve where the cities of Faro, Albufeira and Olhão await. Here you can swim and sunbathe, go on adventures in the nature parks and play golf for full mugs. Should you come from Spain and drive down, you can also experience the warmth and student life in Coimbra and the pilgrimage site Fatima where pilgrims have long prayed their prayers to the Virgin Mary.

Staying in Portugal

Before, the country was relatively cheap to stay in, but now prices are starting to go up here as well. The levels certainly depend on where you are and the rural price range is significantly lower. However, both restaurant prices and tickets in public transport are almost half as expensive as in Sweden, so you naturally get value for your money.

Portugal has recently become a tax haven for Swedish pensioners who have invested in real estate there. This is because private civil servants’ pensions are not taxed there. The tax benefits are great and if you add the nice climate, it can not get better. However, this is not liked by the Swedish state, but so far Portugal has not changed this.

Portugal - the growing tourist country

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