Petrovac, Montenegro

Petrovac, located 17 km from Budva, is surrounded by olive groves and dense pine forests, so the microclimate there is very mild. Families with children rest here, including many local Serbs and Montenegrins. And it does not matter that the city has only one not too big beach (600 m long) and one playground. But here there is a calm and cozy atmosphere, there are enough restaurants and bars, but around 12 at night everything is silent, and you can enjoy a sound sleep in absolute silence. And this despite the fact that in July-August the town is not overcrowded because of vacationers.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Montenegro is 620,173 (2021).

Do not think that Petrovac is boring. There is a stunningly beautiful bay here, and as soon as you move a little from the main beach, you can admire the rocky grottoes and look for hidden corners for swimming. There is an old castle, a 16th century Venetian fortress built to scare away pirates. During the day, you can take great photos from it, and at night, in the fortress, behind thick walls, there is a disco. And right outside the town begins a pine grove, a great place for walking.

Opposite Petrovac, in the sea, there are two charming rocky islands, on one of them there is a miniature chapel. From there every morning comes a gentle chime of bells.

How to get there

And from the airport of Tivat, and from the airport of Podgorica to Petrovac to go the same way for about an hour. You can get there by bus or taxi. The bus station is located about a kilometer from the beach, it is easy to find it by the signs. From there, buses depart every half an hour to Budva and Bar, about every hour to Kotor (stopping in Budva, Becici, Tivat), less often to Podgorica, Cetinje, Niksic, Danilovgrad.

It is also convenient to get to Budva or Bar by taxi, one way it will cost from 20-30 EUR. In addition, it will not be difficult to find a car rental in Petrovac, you just need to contact the reception desk or one of the travel agencies on the embankment. The prices on the page are for August 2021.

The beaches of Petrovac

Petrovac includes two beaches – the main one, which stretches along the entire resort, and Lucice, which takes 5-10 minutes to walk to. Both are small pebbles, the depth is large enough and 3-5 meters from the shore, children can no longer splash. The beaches are equipped with everything you need, namely showers (free of charge), sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets (at a cafe for free, or from 1 EUR), bars and restaurants.

The cost of two sunbeds with an umbrella is about 10-15 EUR per day, some hotels (for example, Vile Oliva and Rivjera) provide their guests with these services for free (on the main beach). There are also separate free areas where you can lay out your towel, set up an umbrella and enjoy the clear sea for free, which many people prefer to do. The resort sells in abundance special bedding, mattresses and similar “rookeries” for tourists who do not want to spend money on sunbeds and umbrellas every day.

The main beach stretches for about 2 km, along it there is a charming promenade with cafes, restaurants and shops. The Lučice beach is a little more picturesque, the entrance to the water is more convenient there, as the pebbles look like sand in places, while on the main beach there are large stones at the entrance to the water. It is located to the left of the main beach, a comfortable asphalt road leads to it. Before entering the beach there is parking, for a fee you can drive your car directly to the coast and park there.

There are no hotels on Luchitsa, this is a bit of a wild stretch of coast, except for the embankment and a couple of restaurants there are not even residential buildings here, which attracts tourists to walk to this beach – it’s very picturesque. On both sides, the beach is covered with stone cliffs with pine trees, one of which can be climbed for panoramic sea views. In addition, there is one long water slide with sea water on Lučice, which ends in a small pool carved into the stone. It is absolutely safe for children. Cost: 5 runs for 1 EUR.

In May 2008, a club beach was opened in Petrovac – Beach Club Ponta: Moscow and European DJs, special parties, VIP boxes. Entrance to the water – concrete platforms. You can also have a great lunch or dinner there, the prices are high in relation to other restaurants, but the fish cuisine is at its best. And this restaurant offers stunning views of the evening Petrovac.

Cuisine and restaurants

Most of the hotels offer their guests half-board meals – tomorrow and dinner, many people prefer to dine in restaurants, or eat snacks on the beach. Boiled corn, traditional for the Crimea, is also served here, as well as donuts and all kinds of delicious pies. A large hamburger made from a real piece of perfectly fried meat on the embankment will cost about 2-5 EUR, good-quality slices of pizza, ice cream and the like are also sold there. Popular drinks are beer and, of course, wine.

There will be no problems with choosing a restaurant in the resort. There is an excellent fish restaurant on the Lucice beach, which is surprisingly picturesquely located – on the mountainside, overlooking the beach and the sea, inscribed in a landscape of pines and rocks. Lunch for two there will cost about 30-50 EUR with drinks. In addition, there is one pizzeria, two bars where you can taste pizza and hamburgers.

It would take too long to list the restaurants on the main beach, the choice is so rich. Only a few can be mentioned – look for Chinese cuisine in Da Vinci, discos and cocktails in the Kastelo and Terrasa bar in the old Venetian fortress, in taverns – national food, booze and live music – in the bars on the waterfront.

Fruit is sold everywhere in the resort, and in search of alcoholic souvenirs and prosciutto, you can walk to the Voli supermarket, where you can buy a bottle of wine as a gift from 4-8 EUR.

Entertainment and attractions

Directly at the resort, an ancient Venetian fortress (nowadays a nightclub and a restaurant) and an observation deck with a stele located next to it (admission is free) are an attraction. It is also worth finding a slightly dusty glass pavilion with Roman mosaics, walking to a pretty Catholic church or heading to one of the monasteries in the area. Both are located about 1 km from the resort, can be reached including by taxi.

From the entertainment – a water slide on Lucice beach, boat cruises (2 hours, sail to St. Stefan), a trip on a boat with a transparent bottom (half an hour), diving, you can rent a boat, ride a catamaran or jet ski, play tennis or Ping pong.

For children, visiting troupes of artists quite often (about 2-3 times a week) arrange theatrical performances at the Palas Hotel – circus, pantomime, fairy tales. There will be no problems with the language, since the performance for the most part goes without words; Performances start around 20:30-20:30, stay tuned.

Petrovac, Montenegro

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