North Smithfield, Rhode Island Population, Schools and Places of Interest

North Smithfield, Rhode Island is a small town located in the northern part of the state, bordering Massachusetts and Connecticut. It sits on the banks of the Blackstone River and has a population of just over 11,000 people. North Smithfield is known for its rural atmosphere and natural beauty, with many parks and open spaces that provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The town’s historic downtown area is home to several unique shops and restaurants as well as a number of historic buildings like the Old Town Hall which was built in 1790. North Smithfield is also home to a variety of businesses ranging from small family-owned shops to larger companies like Amazon fulfillment centers.

North Smithfield borders four other towns: Woonsocket to the south, Lincoln to the east, Cumberland to the north, and Blackstone Valley to the west. Each one offers something unique for visitors. Woonsocket is known for its vibrant downtown area filled with restaurants, shops, and galleries while Lincoln provides plenty of outdoor activities like hiking trails and bike paths at George Washington Management Area. In Cumberland you can explore more than 3000 acres of preserved land at Diamond Hill State Park or take in some history at Blackstone River State Park which tells the story of America’s industrial revolution through interpretive displays and demonstrations. And lastly Blackstone Valley offers scenic views along with its many historical sites including Slater Mill Historic Site which was one of America’s first factories built in 1793.

Overall, North Smithfield is an ideal destination for those looking for some peace and quiet away from city life but still want access to plenty of recreational activities as well as shopping centers and eateries offering diverse cuisines! With so much on offer it’s easy to see why this small town is so popular with locals and tourists alike!

North Smithfield, Rhode Island

Population of North Smithfield, Rhode Island

North Smithfield, Rhode Island is a small town located in the northern part of the state, bordering Massachusetts and Connecticut. It has a population of just over 11,000 people and is known for its rural atmosphere and natural beauty. The population of North Smithfield is mostly Caucasian (90%), with smaller percentages of African American (3%) and Asian (2%) residents. The remaining 5% of the population is made up of people from other ethnic backgrounds.

The median age in North Smithfield is 43 years old, with 22% of the population aged 25-44 years old, 19% aged 45-64 years old, 16% aged 65-74 years old, and 8% over 75 years old. 28% are between 18-24 years old making up the majority of younger residents. The median household income in North Smithfield is $69,622 according to 2019 estimates with an unemployment rate of 4%.

The majority of North Smithfield’s population identifies as Christian (82%), followed by non-religious individuals (14%). There are also small percentages that identify as Jewish (1%) or Buddhist (<1%). Additionally, there are many people who identify as agnostic or atheist (<1%).

North Smithfield has a large senior citizen population due to its rural atmosphere and natural beauty that attracts those looking for peace and quiet away from city life. There are several retirement communities located within the town limits that offer a variety of activities such as golfing, swimming pools, fitness centers and more! Additionally, there are many assisted living facilities that provide services to those who need them such as meal plans or medical assistance.

Overall, North Smithfield’s population reflects its rural atmosphere and natural beauty with a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds. With plenty to do for both younger individuals looking for outdoor recreation opportunities or seniors looking for peace and quiet away from city life this small town has something for everyone!

Schools and Education in North Smithfield, Rhode Island

According to andyeducation, North Smithfield, Rhode Island provides a quality education to its students with a variety of public and private schools. The North Smithfield School District is the primary provider of public education in the area, serving 1,500 students in pre-K through 12th grade. The district has four elementary schools for pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade, one middle school for grades 6 through 8 and one high school for grades 9 through 12.

The district is committed to providing a quality education to all students and offers a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of each student. These include special education services, advanced placement classes, foreign language classes and more. In addition, the district has several extracurricular activities available including sports teams, clubs and other activities designed to help students explore their interests outside of the classroom.

In addition to public schools, North Smithfield also has several private options available for those looking for an alternative option. These include parochial schools such as St. Joseph’s Catholic School which provides a rigorous academic program with an emphasis on faith formation; as well as non-sectarian options such as the International School of Rhode Island which focuses on developing critical thinking skills in its diverse student body from around the world.

According to Anycountyprivateschools, for those looking for higher education opportunities there are several colleges and universities within easy driving distance from North Smithfield including Brown University, Providence College and Johnson & Wales University just to name a few. Additionally, there are several community colleges located throughout Rhode Island that offer associate’s degrees in various fields such as business or nursing.

Overall, North Smithfield offers its residents quality educational opportunities at all levels with both public and private options available for those who seek them out. With something for everyone no matter what their educational goals may be this small town offers an ideal environment where students can thrive!

Places of Interest in North Smithfield, Rhode Island

North Smithfield, Rhode Island is a small town located in the northern part of the state. It is home to a wide variety of places of interest that appeal to visitors and locals alike.

One of the most popular attractions in North Smithfield is Slatersville Village. This quaint village was established in 1721 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors can explore this well-preserved village and experience what life was like during Colonial times. The village features historical homes, churches, mill buildings, stores, cemeteries and more.

For those looking to enjoy nature while in North Smithfield, there are plenty of options available. The Blackstone River Greenway offers miles of trails for walking, biking and running along the banks of the Blackstone River as well as access to several parks including Wilbur Park which features a playground for children as well as picnic tables and grills for outdoor cooking. Additionally, Lincoln Woods State Park offers hiking trails for all skill levels with scenic views along the way.

For those looking for a unique shopping experience North Smithfield has much to offer with its many antique stores located throughout town including Vintage Finds Antiques & Collectibles which specializes in vintage items from furniture to jewelry; and The Old Mill Marketplace which features an array of antiques from multiple vendors all in one place.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat while visiting North Smithfield there are several restaurants offering delicious local fare such as Bistro Nouveau which serves up French-style cuisine; or The Corner Pub & Grill which offers classic American dishes like burgers, sandwiches and fries with a modern twist.

Overall, North Smithfield is an ideal destination for visitors seeking out educational opportunities or just looking to explore all that this small town has to offer! With its charming atmosphere, historical sites, outdoor activities and unique shops it’s sure to keep everyone entertained!

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