Nellis Afb, Nevada Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Existingcountries, Nellis Air Force Base is located in the northeast corner of Nevada, just 11 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The base borders the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson as well as unincorporated areas in Clark County.

The city of Las Vegas is home to the world-famous Strip and downtown area which are both filled with casinos, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. North Las Vegas is home to several industrial districts and has a number of parks including Craig Ranch Regional Park which offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, basketball courts, baseball fields, and picnic areas. Henderson is known for its many golf courses as well as its Wetlands Park which features walking trails and bird watching opportunities.

In addition to these cities there are several unincorporated towns that border Nellis AFB including Sunrise Manor, Enterprise, Whitney Ranch and Anthem Hills. All of these towns offer unique attractions such as museums and shopping centers.

Nellis AFB is also bordered by several national parks including Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which offers stunning red rock formations for hikers to explore; Valley Of Fire State Park which has ancient petroglyphs carved into sandstone; Lake Mead National Recreation Area which provides opportunities for swimming and boating; Great Basin National Park where visitors can explore ancient bristlecone pine forests; Death Valley National Park which features sand dunes, salt flats and desert wildlife; Zion National Park with its towering sandstone cliffs; Grand Canyon National Park with its deep gorges; Bryce Canyon National Park with its unique hoodoos formations; Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park with its iconic red mesas; Joshua Tree National Park where visitors can observe an array of desert wildlife; and Arches National Park with its thousands of natural stone arches.

Nellis Afb, Nevada

Population of Nellis Afb, Nevada

Nellis Air Force Base is home to a population of around 8,500 people. The majority of the population at Nellis AFB consists of active duty and reserve military personnel, civilian workers, and their families. The base also serves as a training facility for various military units from all over the United States and other countries.

The population of Nellis AFB is diverse with people from all walks of life living on the base. According to the latest census data, the racial makeup of Nellis AFB is 78% White, 12% Hispanic or Latino, 5% African American or Black, 3% Asian, 1% Native American or Alaskan Native, and 1% Pacific Islander or Other Race.

Nellis AFB has a strong sense of community and offers a variety of programs and activities for its residents including youth sports leagues, family activities such as movie nights and picnics in the park, community events such as car shows and holiday celebrations, and educational classes on topics such as finance management and computer literacy.

In addition to its diverse population, Nellis AFB also has an active arts community featuring art galleries in both on-base housing complexes as well as off-base locations in Las Vegas. There are also several museums located on base which feature exhibits about aviation history as well as a library which offers books about various topics related to military service.

Overall, Nellis Air Force Base is an important part of Nevada’s economy with its active duty personnel contributing significantly to local businesses through their purchases in nearby stores. The base is also home to many families who are proud to call it their home away from home.

Schools and Education in Nellis Afb, Nevada

According to IAMACCEPTED.COM, Nellis Air Force Base is home to several schools and educational facilities, offering a variety of educational opportunities for both children and adults.

The base houses the Nellis Elementary School, which serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The school is part of the Clark County School District and offers a wide range of activities such as field trips, physical education classes, and after-school clubs such as robotics.

The Nellis Middle School is located just outside the base gates and serves students in sixth through eighth grade. The school offers a variety of challenging courses including advanced placement classes as well as extracurricular activities such as band and sports teams.

The Nellis Air Force Base Community College provides higher education opportunities to military personnel and their families. The college offers associate degrees in various fields such as business administration, criminal justice, engineering technology, computer science, nursing, and more.

In addition to traditional educational opportunities, Nellis AFB also has several programs for adult learners including English language classes for non-native speakers as well as continuing education courses on topics such as financial planning or computer literacy.

Overall, Nellis Air Force Base provides quality educational opportunities for its residents ranging from elementary school all the way through college level courses. With its diverse population and wide range of programs available to both children and adults alike, Nellis AFB is an excellent place to call home while pursuing one’s academic goals.

Places of Interest in Nellis Afb, Nevada

Nellis Air Force Base is home to many places of interest that are accessible to military personnel and their families, as well as visitors from the surrounding community.

The base is home to the Nellis Air Force Base Visitor Center, which provides information about the base and its history, and offers a variety of souvenirs and gifts. The center is also home to a museum that showcases the history of Nellis AFB with displays of aircraft, artifacts, photographs, and more.

The base also has several recreational activities available such as golfing at the Nellis Golf Course or taking a leisurely stroll around the lake at Freedom Park.

The nearby town of Las Vegas offers plenty of entertainment for visitors including casinos, shows, and nightlife. There are also several museums in Las Vegas including The Mob Museum which details the history of organized crime in America.

For those looking for a more outdoorsy experience there’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area located just outside Las Vegas which features stunning red sandstone formations as well as numerous hiking trails through some incredible scenery.

Nellis AFB also has many shopping opportunities available with multiple stores located on base such as clothing outlets, convenience stores, barbershops and beauty salons. For those looking for unique items there’s the Nellis Bazaar which features local artisan crafts and artwork from around the area.

Overall, Nellis Air Force Base offers plenty of places to explore for both military personnel and their families as well as visitors from outside the base. From museums to outdoor recreation spots there is something for everyone at this vibrant location in Nevada.

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