Music in Gabon

Despite ethnic and linguistic diversity is folk music in Gabon relatively homogeneous within each of the two main traditions: the mulberry peoples music and bantufolkenes music.

The bakers, who live in the tropical rainforest, are especially known for their highly developed vocal music. Several style features, such as distinctive juggling effects and sonorous polyphony with imitation between the individual voices, are also known among hunter and sanctuary people in other countries in the area.

Music in Gabon

Among the bantu people, singing, dancing and instrumental music are often associated with ceremonies and other social contexts. Harpe, spalttromme, musikkbue, balafon, drums, rattles and bells helps rich variety. The multi-part song combines melody lines and complex rhythms. Sansa (thumb piano) is used both as a solo instrument and in groups. Professional musicians do not traditionally exist, but those who practice certain instruments must undergo special initiation ceremonies. Semi-professional wandering musicians who sing and play mvet (a harp zither with gourd resonator) are very popular.

Popular music in Gabon is characterized by African genres such as macossa and soukous, as well as rock, hip hop and Congolese rumba.

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