Monaco Industry

Monaco Industry

In the Principality there is some light industry that mainly manufactures pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and plastic products. The sector accounts for around a tenth of gross domestic product (GDP). About 100 small industrial companies employ 3,000 people.


A nearly two kilometer long railway operated by the French railway company SNCF runs in a tunnel under Monaco, in an east-west direction.

In order for the land to be used for other purposes, the only railway station has also been rebuilt and placed underground. The road network covers about five miles.

A helicopter service is connected to Nice International Airport.

Monaco’s ports can accommodate about 100 cruise ships.


The tourism industry accounts for around a quarter of the state’s revenue in Monaco. There are a number of hotels, several of which are of the highest luxury class, but a large proportion of tourists do not spend the night in the country. In addition to the casino, the Oceanographic Museum, a world-renowned research institute with a huge aquarium, attracts.


Number of foreign visitors per year

336 000 (2016)

Monaco Industry

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