Moapa, Nevada Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Moapa, Nevada is a small town located in Clark County. It is bordered by several cities and towns including Logandale, Overton, Glendale, Caliente and Indian Springs. All of these areas offer something unique to the region and provide a variety of amenities for visitors and locals alike.

Logandale is the closest neighboring town to Moapa. This charming little community offers some of the best outdoor activities in the area, such as camping, fishing, and hiking. There are also plenty of shops to explore where you can find gifts or souvenirs to take home with you!

Overton is another nearby city that borders Moapa. Here you’ll find plenty of attractions such as Lake Mead National Recreation Area which is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Nevada! There’s also Valley of Fire State Park which features stunning red rock formations that are perfect for exploring or taking pictures.

Glendale lies just south of Moapa and offers visitors a variety of activities ranging from swimming pools and movie theaters to shopping centers and golf courses! This city also has several great restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat after a long day out exploring the area!

Caliente is located just east of Moapa and provides visitors with access to some great recreational opportunities such as hunting, horseback riding, ATVing, boating, camping and more! This small town also has an excellent selection of shops where you can find everything from clothing items to antiques!

Finally, there’s Indian Springs which lies just west of Moapa. Here visitors have access to several historical sites such as Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park which was once home to Native Americans before being used by settlers during the 1800s! The park also boasts numerous walking trails making it perfect for those looking for an outdoor adventure close-by!

All in all, these neighboring cities offer something special for everyone who visits Moapa – whether it be outdoor recreation or shopping – making this small Nevada town an ideal destination for anyone looking for a unique getaway experience!

Moapa, Nevada

Population of Moapa, Nevada

Moapa, Nevada is a small town located in Clark County, approximately 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The population of Moapa was estimated to be 1,841 in 2020. It is a rural area with no major urban centers nearby and very little industry or commerce.

The majority of Moapa’s population is White (77%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (13%), Native American (7%), and Asian (3%). The median age of the town’s residents is 42 years old, with a gender ratio that is nearly even at 51% male and 49% female. The median household income in Moapa is $44,341 per year and the median home value is $178,100.

Education-wise, Moapa has one elementary school, one middle school and one high school servicing the community. There are also several private schools in the area that cater to students from pre-school to grade 12. In addition to this, there are two higher education facilities located in Moapa: Great Basin College and University of Nevada-Las Vegas Extension Center.

When it comes to recreation opportunities for Moapa residents and visitors alike, there are plenty! Outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and ATVing are all popular among locals as well as tourists who come to explore the area’s natural beauty. There are also several local parks where people can enjoy picnics or take part in sports like tennis and basketball.

As far as cultural attractions go, there are several museums around town dedicated to preserving the history of Native Americans who have lived in the area for centuries. Additionally, each year Moapa hosts its own annual festival which includes music performances from local bands as well as traditional food vendors serving up regional delicacies such as fry bread tacos!

All things considered, life in Moapa can be described as peaceful yet full of adventure! With its stunning landscape and unique culture it’s easy to see why so many people choose this small Nevada town as their home away from home!

Schools and Education in Moapa, Nevada

According to ACT-TEST-CENTERS, Moapa is home to three public schools: one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. Each of these schools provides quality education to the students in the area. The elementary school offers classes from kindergarten through fifth grade, while the middle and high schools serve students from sixth grade through twelfth grade. All of the schools are part of the Clark County School District and are accredited by the Nevada Department of Education.

At each level, students have access to a variety of educational opportunities such as advanced placement classes, college prep classes, special education programs and more. In addition to these core offerings, there are also several extracurricular activities available for students including band, choir, dance team and robotics club.

In addition to public schools, there are also several private schools located in Moapa. These include two pre-schools (ages 2-4) as well as two K-12 institutions that provide an alternative learning environment for students who may not thrive in a traditional setting or who wish to pursue a more faith-based curriculum.

For those who wish to further their education beyond high school, Moapa is also home to two higher education facilities: Great Basin College and University of Nevada-Las Vegas Extension Center. Great Basin College offers Associate’s Degrees in areas such as business administration, accounting and nursing as well as certificate programs in areas like computer technology and medical billing/coding. Meanwhile, UNLV Extension Center provides courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels that can be taken either online or on campus depending on the student’s preference.

Overall, Moapa has plenty of options when it comes to education at all levels! From pre-school all the way up through graduate studies there is something available for everyone regardless of their educational goals or personal preferences!

Places of Interest in Moapa, Nevada

Moapa, Nevada is a small town located in Clark County, just north of Las Vegas. The town is home to approximately 6,000 people and offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors and residents alike.

For those looking for outdoor activities, Moapa has plenty to offer. The Valley of Fire State Park is located just outside the town and boasts stunning red rock formations and petroglyphs from the Anasazi Indians. The park also features several hiking trails as well as camping sites for those who want to stay overnight. Additionally, Moapa also offers a variety of fishing spots including Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Muddy River which runs through the town.

If you’re looking for something a bit more cultural, Moapa has plenty of options as well. The Lost City Museum is a great place to learn about regional Native American history while the Moapa Valley Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of artifacts from the area’s past. Additionally, there are several art galleries in town showcasing works from local artists as well as rotating exhibits from around the world.

For those who like to shop or sample some local cuisine, there are several options in Moapa as well. The town has several stores offering everything from souvenirs to handmade crafts while several restaurants serve up delicious meals ranging from Mexican cuisine to classic American dishes.

Finally, no visit to Moapa would be complete without visiting one of its two casinos – the Virgin River Hotel & Casino or the Moapa Tribal Casino – both offer a variety of gaming options including slots and table games such as blackjack and roulette.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural experiences or just some good old-fashioned fun — Moapa has something for everyone! With its stunning natural beauty coupled with its unique attractions it’s easy to see why this small Nevada town continues to draw visitors year after year!

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