Middletown, Delaware Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Deluxesurveillance, Middletown, Delaware is bordered by several towns and cities. To the north of Middletown is Odessa, a small town with a population of 2,500 people. It has several restaurants, shops, and other amenities to make it a desirable place to live. To the east lies Townsend, which is slightly larger than Odessa with a population of 3,000. Townsend offers its residents many recreational opportunities such as hiking trails and fishing spots. Further south lies Smyrna; this city has a population of over 10,000 people and offers plenty of entertainment options such as dining establishments, movie theaters, and shopping malls. The final town bordering Middletown is Clayton which lies to the west; this town has just under 5,000 residents and provides an array of outdoor activities such as camping in White Clay Creek State Park or visiting its historic downtown district for shopping and dining.

Overall, these towns offer something for everyone; whether you are looking for an active lifestyle or simply want to relax in small-town charm there is something for everyone in Middletown’s neighboring towns. With their close proximity to one another it makes it easy to explore each town without having to travel too far from home. Residents can enjoy all that each town has to offer while still being able to access Middletown’s services when needed.

Middletown, Delaware

Population of Middletown, Delaware

According to Electronicsmatter, Middletown, Delaware is a growing town that has seen its population increase steadily over the past few years. In 2019, the population of Middletown was estimated to be 19,766 people. This is a significant increase from the 2016 estimate of 17,741 people. The population of Middletown is diverse; approximately 67% are White (non-Hispanic), 16% Hispanic/Latino, 10% Asian/Pacific Islander and 7% African American.

The median age in Middletown is 34 years old and there are more females than males living in the town with a ratio of 1.06 males for every female. The median household income in Middletown is $72,068 and the median per capita income is $32,876 as of 2019 data. The majority of residents own their homes at 73%, while renters make up 27%.

Middletown offers a variety of amenities to its residents including excellent schools, parks and recreation facilities, shopping centers and restaurants. It has also become known for its vibrant art scene with several galleries and theaters located throughout town. With so much to offer its residents it’s easy to see why Middletown’s population continues to grow each year!

Schools and Education in Middletown, Delaware

Middletown, Delaware is home to some of the best schools in the state. The Appoquinimink School District serves the Middletown area and includes six elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The district also offers several specialized programs such as early childhood education, career and technical education, and a gifted program.

In addition to public education, Middletown is also home to many private schools. These include St. Anne’s Catholic School, The Tatnall School, Newark Academy of Delaware, and Archmere Academy. All of these private schools offer a variety of educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Middletown also has several post-secondary institutions within its borders including Delaware Technical Community College’s Owens Campus and Wesley College. These institutions offer a variety of degree programs ranging from associate degrees to master’s degrees in various fields.

The town of Middletown is committed to providing its residents with quality educational opportunities at all levels. With its excellent public school system, private school options, and post-secondary institutions it is no wonder why so many families choose to call Middletown home!

Places of Interest in Middletown, Delaware

Middletown, Delaware is home to a variety of places of interest for both residents and visitors alike. For those looking to explore the outdoors, Middletown offers several parks and recreational facilities such as Silver Lake Park and the Middletown Community Park. The town also has several nature trails for hiking, biking, and bird watching.

For those looking to learn more about the town’s history, Middletown is home to the Appoquinimink Historical Society Museum. Here visitors can explore artifacts from the town’s past including local Native American artifacts, Civil War memorabilia, and more.

Those interested in experiencing some culture can visit one of Middletown’s many galleries or theaters. The Possum Point Players Theater puts on a variety of performances throughout the year while the Middletown Arts Center hosts visual art exhibitions as well as music and dance performances.

Sports fans are sure to find something to enjoy in Middletown with its Minor League Baseball team, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, playing at Frawley Stadium each summer. There are also several golf courses located in and around town – perfect for a day of golfing with friends and family!

Finally, visitors can take advantage of all that downtown Middletown has to offer with its many restaurants, shops, bars, and other attractions. With so much to see and do in this charming Delaware town it’s easy to see why so many people choose it as their destination when visiting!

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