Maldives Industry

The Maldivian industry is mainly devoted to food processing. In particular, fish, not least tuna, are processed and packaged in the factories.

Previously, there was a certain clothing industry, but it ceased when favorable trading conditions were abolished. The shipbuilding industry has declined in importance.

Coconuts are the basis for a fairly significant economic activity on a smaller scale. Among other things, women in the home weave coconut fiber into fabric and rugs for sale.

  • COUNTRYAAH: List of top trading partners of Maldives. Includes countries that imported most shipments from and exported most goods to the country.

Maldives Industry



Opposition leaders are imprisoned

August 25th

Qasim Ibrahim, leader of the Opposition Justice Party (JP), is sentenced to 38 months in prison for bribing MPs to vote to put President Abdulla Masih, close ally of President Yamin, before state law. Four opposition parties are trying to dismiss the President to increase the chances of the 2018 election being free and fair.

MDP: military stops voting in parliament

22 August

The military is temporarily blocking the parliament building to prevent opposition members from putting President Abdulla Yamin Mohamed, close ally of President Abdulla Yamin, before state law. The information comes from representatives of the opposition party MDP. When the members are later allowed to begin a session, the President interrupts it after five minutes. No vote is allowed.


Concerned when Parliament is blocked off

July 25

Military blocks the parliament building and clashes with opposition politicians trying to get into the building for the second day in a row. Parliament is not in session, but MDP members assert their right to visit their workplace. The government states that the increased security is due to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visiting Malé in celebration of the Maldives Independence Day.


Liberal bloggers are murdered

Liberal blogger Yamin Rashid, 23, is brutally murdered in his apartment in the capital Malé. The crime occurs after Rashid engaged with the country’s politicians in his blog The Daily Panic. Two people are arrested, suspected of being involved in the murder.


Riot in Parliament

An MDP-led opposition alliance in Parliament is trying to get the President brought before the national court. They justify the initiative that justice must be created before the 2018 presidential election. At one point, the military is called in to bring order to the Chamber.


The local elections are postponed

January 8

The Election Commission announces that elections to the local assemblies will be postponed, from January 14 to April 8. The reason is that the ruling PPM has not presented its nominations. The party has been in chaos since it split in the fall of 2016, when the ex-dictator Gayum with supporters broke out. According to PPM representatives, the membership register is no longer available.

Maldives Industry

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