Lisbon’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Lisbon has become a new destination for many during the summer holidays and is perfect if you want to combine sun, shopping and sights. The Portuguese capital is located right on the Atlantic but is also partly a bit embedded in a bay, which means that it is not as windy there. The Atlantic waters are fresh and cool and the air in the summer in Lisbon is often very hot and nauseating so a dip at one of the city’s beaches is recommended. Here is a guide to these.

From Lisbon, the easiest way to get to the beaches is to take the commuter train from Cais do Sodre and head to Estoril or Cascais, which usually takes about 30 minutes.

Prain do Guincho

West of Cascais which is a small town, you can find a long and beautiful sandy beach that is as good in winter as in summer. According to remzfamily, this is because the winter climate attracts big waves and thus a lot of surfers and the summer offers snorkeling and beach life.

What is extra interesting about the beach is that it is located right next to the tip of the Serra da Sintra National Park, which has reduced the exploitation of tourists and hotels. The beach is thus a bit wild and has retained its natural soul. Therefore, the beach is not as suitable for families with children.

To get here you can take a bus but also rent a car. Praia do Guincho is about 5 km from Cascais and can be reached via the A5.

Costa da Caparica

South of Lisbon there is a popular beach where you can take the metro to Praca de Espanha and then a short distance by bus. This has become the Lisbon residents’ own small seaside resort and you can meet locals as well as tourists. The beach is perfect for all different types of people and company, whether you travel in pairs, alone or with children.

Praia de Carcavelos

West of Lisbon, more towards the edge of the “cape” if you look at a map, you can find Praia de Carcavelos. The beach is also located at Cascais and can be reached in the same way as Praia do Guincho. You can easily take the train from Lisbon and stop at Carcavello Train Station. The beach has everything a Portuguese beach should have – restaurants, bars, nightlife, beautiful sand and sun umbrellas as well as great opportunities to practice different types of water sports. People who live in Lisbon often come here, so if you want to get to know locals, this is the place to go.

Praia Grande

Praia Grande is also located by the Sintra National Park mentioned above in the text, but to the north and is the most remote beach. However, very nice relaxation for those who want to combine a bath and a little geographical history. The beach is very unique with fossil footprints from the dinosaurs Megalosaurus and Iguanodons that appear on the cliff. The prints are over 100 million years old…
On the beach there is everything needed for a hot summer day – bars, restaurants, surf school and high cliffs that keep the worst wind away. Otherwise, Portuguese beaches can be very windy due to the cold and vast Atlantic Ocean.

Next to Praia Grande is Praia Pequena which is a much smaller beach and the border that separates the two, consists of a large saltwater swimming pool belonging to the hotel Hotel das Arribas.

Lisbon's most beautiful beaches

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