Great Places to Travel with Kids

Want to travel with the whole family, but don’t know which option is best? So come with us that we will list the best places to go with the kids!

Taking a trip with the little ones is always a challenge. With the extra energy that only they have, you need to find the perfect place to fill the peak of age. Apart from that, depending on the size, they already give their opinion on where they want to go.

Great Places to Travel with Kids

What could be a problem could become a solution, or rather several solutions! We’ve put together a list of places and destinations that are ideal for children to enjoy – and for you, of course! Come with us and get ready to board.

Options to take the kids

From the variety of destinations you can take the little ones to, we split them into small categories so you can choose the best: water parks, theme parks, farm hotels, historic towns and the good old beach.

Water parks

Water and child is an almost immediate combination. The little ones love to have fun in the pools, especially if they have a slide, a waterslide and a water play.

For these reasons, water parks are great places to travel with kids and, by the way, there are great structures right here in Brazil.

Beach Park in Fortaleza

The most famous water park in Brazil is in Fortaleza and goes by the name of Beach Park. Amid water slides, wave pools and giant slides, the park is fun for the whole family, including the kids.

In addition, there is an exclusive beach for those staying on the park grounds, which guarantees adults relaxation beyond the park itself.

Eco Park in Arraial d’Ajuda

Eco Park follows the same line as Beach Park. Located in Arraial d’Ajuda and very close to Porto Seguro, the park is a great option for those who want to combine the fun of children with the delights of southern Bahia.

The place also has its own resort and also allows you to enjoy the cultural attractions that exist in the first Brazilian city.

Hot Park in Caldas Novas

Don’t your little ones like cold water? So the best option (within the water parks) is Hot Park, located in Caldas Novas.

Caldas Novas is known for its thermal waters, which leave any stressed person relaxed with its pleasant temperatures. Coupled with its water park, kids and adults can relax and have fun together on a family trip.

Thematic parks

Slightly drier than water parks, theme parks are also a perfect attraction for children. Giant wheels, princess castles and so many toys trap the little ones as well as the adults who seek fun in the middle of their trip. And in this category there are some places that can not miss in the list.


We definitely can’t talk about theme parks without talking about Disney, the place where dreams come true. Located in Orlando, the world’s most famous park transforms any adult into a child and any child into the happiest person on the planet!

With several parks in its structure, Disney unites the universe of branded animations with unmissable attractions. There are roller coasters, castles and so many places that delight any fan. Your kids will love it and you can still enjoy shopping in Florida!

Beto Carrero World

In the northern state of Santa Catarina, Beto Carrero World is considered the largest amusement park in Brazil (and Latin America!). With many attractions, the park is a great place to travel with kids without having to leave the country.

There you can also find a food court with snack bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors. If you wish, you can also purchase a Fast Pass wristband to avoid queues.

Hopi Hari

In the interior of São Paulo, Hopi Hari has five thematic areas, toys for different audiences and, above all, a vast world of games and fun for their little ones. This is another option for those who do not want to go far to travel with children.

Farm Hotels

Rest, country air, animals and scavenger hunts. Mix it all and have a perfect ranch hotel, a place that mixes all these items and allows you to disconnect from the rush of the city with the peace you dreamed for the whole family.

The farm hotels are located in the interior cities, precisely to isolate themselves from the capitals and have complete peace. They are very present in the interior of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and also in Rio de Janeiro.

Historical cities

How about enjoying the trip with the kids to teach them a little history? If that is your idea, there are plenty of historic cities here in Brazil to delight the little ones.

In Minas Gerais, for example, you have the cities of Ouro Preto – the capital of gold – and Tiradentes, famous for its honoree. In Rio de Janeiro, you can also visit the historic city of Paraty (and enjoy a beach in Tiradentes). In the Northeast, you have the first cities where the Portuguese arrived (Porto Seguro, for example), the first capital of the country (Salvador) and also the historical Olinda!

The good old beach

Are you more traditional and want to enjoy the best of Brazil? Pack your kids’ bags and prepare them for a beach trip, where sandcastles are built, and chasing toys on the beach goes on and on.

Some destinations like Porto de Galinhas have beaches that have less waves, which can be an extra safety for their little ones. But no matter which beach you choose, be sure to bring your sunscreen and keep an eye out for kids.


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