Ghana’s Defense

Ghana has volunteer military service. The total force figures for Ghana’s armed forces are 15,500 active personnel (2018, IISS).


The army has a workforce of 11,500 active personnel. TM materiel includes three clearing trucks, 48 armored vehicles, and 105 armored personnel vehicles. In addition, the Army has medium-heavy artillery, short-range anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft artillery.

Ghana Army

Air Force

The Air Force has a workforce of 2,000 active personnel. Materials include eight training aircraft (which can also be used as attack aircraft), 14 light transport aircraft and 16 helicopters.

The Navy

The Navy has a personnel force of 2,000 active personnel, and 14 patrol vessels.

International operations

Ghana participated in the UN operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) with 469 personnel and 15 observers in 2018, in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 870 personnel, in Mali (MINUSMA) with 163 personnel and one observer, and in the South Sudan (UNMISS) with 861 personnel and ten observers.

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