Fielding, Utah Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Usaers, Fielding, Utah is a small town located in the northern part of the state. It is surrounded by a number of other towns and cities that provide visitors with plenty of options for exploration and entertainment.

To the north of Fielding lies the town of Brigham City, which is home to a variety of attractions such as the Golden Spike National Historic Site, Bear River State Park and Willard Bay State Park. Brigham City also boasts several unique shops, restaurants and museums that make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore all that this small town has to offer. To learn more about Utah, please check Relationshipsplus.

Just south of Fielding lies Logan, Utah which is renowned for its outdoor recreation opportunities. Here visitors can enjoy activities such as biking, hiking, fishing and camping at nearby parks like Logan Canyon National Recreation Area or Bear Lake State Park. Logan also has a thriving downtown area with numerous stores, restaurants and entertainment venues that make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore the city’s cultural offerings.

To the west of Fielding lies Ogden which is known for its vibrant arts scene and numerous historical sites such as Union Station or Fort Buenaventura State Park. Ogden also offers plenty of shopping opportunities at its historic 25th Street Shopping District or its wide variety of local boutiques and stores.

Finally, to the east lies Salt Lake City which is home to numerous attractions such as Temple Square or Red Butte Garden & Arboretum. Salt Lake City also offers plenty in terms of dining options with its various restaurants serving up everything from classic American fare to global cuisine!

In conclusion, Fielding provides visitors with access to a number of interesting bordering towns and cities that offer something for everyone! From outdoor recreation opportunities in Logan to cultural attractions in Salt Lake City there are plenty of places worth exploring in this small corner of Utah!

Fielding, Utah

Population of Fielding, Utah

Fielding, Utah is a small rural community located in Box Elder County. As of the 2020 census, Fielding has a population of 478 people. The median age of residents is 34 years old and the median household income is just over $44,000. Most of the population is White (91%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (3%), and other (6%). The town has a fairly even gender split with 51% female and 49% male.

Fielding is a highly educated town with 35% of adults having obtained at least an Associate’s degree and 14% having obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree. This stands in stark contrast to other rural communities where educational attainment tends to be much lower than average. The majority of Fielding’s working population are employed by either government or manufacturing jobs, though there are also many people self-employed in small businesses or farms. The cost of living in Fielding is very affordable, as most goods and services tend to be cheaper than the national average.

There are several recreational activities available for residents in Fielding such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and biking trails nearby Utah Lake State Park. There are also plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes in town for those who wish to enjoy some local flavor after exploring the outdoors. Despite its small size, Fielding offers its residents many opportunities for recreation and entertainment making it an ideal place to call home for those who love living in a rural setting with close proximity to larger cities like Salt Lake City which is just over an hour away.

Schools and Education in Fielding, Utah

Fielding, Utah is home to one public school, Fielding Elementary/High School. The school serves students from kindergarten to 12th grade and has a total enrollment of approximately 200 students. Fielding Elementary/High School is part of the Box Elder School District and offers a variety of educational opportunities for its students. The school offers core classes such as English, math, science and history as well as electives like art, music and physical education.

Fielding Elementary/High School also offers several advanced courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes and dual-enrollment programs that allow students to take college-level courses while still in high school. This gives students the opportunity to complete college credits before graduating from high school. In addition, the school also provides various extracurricular activities including sports teams such as basketball, football and baseball as well as clubs like drama and student council.

The faculty at Fielding Elementary/High School are highly dedicated to providing quality education for their students. All teachers hold bachelor’s degrees or higher and have an average experience level of 10 years in teaching or related field work. The teachers are passionate about helping their students reach their full potential by encouraging them to participate in class discussions, engage in hands-on activities and complete challenging assignments that help develop critical thinking skills.

Overall, Fielding Elementary/High School provides a great educational foundation for its young residents that is both rigorous academically but also supportive of its student’s individual needs. With a highly qualified faculty that is dedicated to helping each student reach his or her highest potential, Fielding provides its young people with an excellent opportunity for success both inside and outside of the classroom setting.

Places of Interest in Fielding, Utah

Fielding, Utah is home to several interesting landmarks that are worth visiting. The first is the Fielding Tabernacle, which was built in 1881 and is now the oldest tabernacle in the state. The building has served as a gathering place for local residents for over a century and is still used today for various events. Visitors can also explore the Fielding Pioneer Cemetery, which dates back to 1868 and houses the gravesites of many of the area’s earliest settlers.

Just outside of town lies Fielding Reservoir, which offers visitors plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation including fishing, boating and swimming. On the west side of town stands a monument dedicated to President Wilford Woodruff who lived nearby during his presidency from 1889-1898. The monument was erected in 1911 and serves as a reminder of his legacy in the community.

In addition to these historic sites, Fielding also features an array of modern attractions such as several local restaurants like Bluebird Cafe and Red Dog Saloon as well as unique shops like Fielding Mercantile and D&D Collectibles & Antiques. There are also two golf courses in town, one at the local country club and one at Westview Meadows Golf Course that offer scenic views of surrounding fields and mountains.

Overall, Fielding’s unique mix of historic sites and modern attractions make it an ideal place to visit or live for those who appreciate small-town charm with convenient access to amenities found in larger cities. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll through town or spend an afternoon exploring its many attractions, Fielding has something special waiting around every corner!

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