Faro – the Southern Pearl of Portugal

The largest city on the Algarve coast is called Faro and has become a kind of hub for travelers going on. But the fact is that Faro has so much more to offer its visitors than just an airport and a hotel for the night.

Faro – a glimpse of paradise

It may be a relatively small town, but Faro has everything you would expect from a holiday paradise. Wonderful surrounding beaches with rocks and white sand, a nature reserve nearby that does not go off for picks and culture that originates from the Moorish era. Here there are things to experience and if you come to this part of Portugal you should really stop and look around. Take a full day to explore the Rio Formosa nature reserve with flamingos, wetlands and lagoons, or take the boat from Olhão out to the three islands where you can be completely at peace and swim, sunbathe or just wander around in the dunes. When you want to provide yourself with some historical knowledge, you can enter the famous cathedral of Faro or look at the ancient Roman ruins.

In the Algarve, one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines stretches out and here you can discover sandy beach after sandy beach that is framed by rocky massifs with the green lushness in the background. Faro itself consists of crooked cobblestone streets, old building remains from the time of the Moors and lush parks where you are welcome to have a picnic. cultural visits, sunbathing or traditional markets.

Fishing is central

In the past, Faro was an old fishing town with the marine in focus. This has been happily retained and it is noticeable on both the food, the old sheds and ports along the coast and the museums. Inside Faro you can visit the Marina Museum and look at old fishing gear or techniques that were applied in the good old days.

You should expect to eat a lot of seafood when staying in Faro or the rest of the Algarve. Dishes such as Bacalhau and Cataplana which are a type of paella are common here. For food, you drink the locally grown wine produced at the many vineyards in the Algarve. Vino Verde and the sweet port wine are two examples.

Play golf in Faro

When Mallorca and the rest of Spain’s golf courses are overcrowded, many tourists flock to the incredibly beautiful and cheap golf courses around Faro. There are several courses here where you can practice your swing. Some of the courses are:

  • Quinta do Lago
  • Victoria Golf Course
  • San Lorenzo Golf Club


According to mysteryaround, near Faro there are things to explore. Going to Rio Formosa, which is 7 km outside Faro, is a must as the nature there is absolutely incomparable. If you want a little extra adventure, you can take the rental car or bus to Albufeira and go on a dolphin safari or drive a little cave cruise in Water Theme Park, or climb and hang in the vines in the Adventure Park.

Prices in Faro

Portugal is a cheap country and in Faro you can both eat and live for a very cheap price. The average prices for a three-star hotel are around SEK 380-400, so you should take advantage of the time and treat yourself to a holiday throughout southern Portugal at the same time.

Faro - the southern pearl of Portugal

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