Fairview, Wyoming Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Growtheology, Fairview, Wyoming is a small town located in Park County. It is bordered by the cities of Cody to the north, Meeteetse to the east and Powell to the south. The city is also surrounded by several other smaller towns such as Emblem, Clark and Ralston.

The city of Cody is located approximately thirty miles north of Fairview and offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors. It is home to several museums such as the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and Old Trail Town which both provide interesting insight into life in early western America. Visitors can also explore nearby sites such as Heart Mountain which was once an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II, or take in some outdoor activities at Yellowstone National Park which is located just outside of Cody.

Meeteetse, Wyoming lies just east of Fairview and provides visitors with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing on Meeteetse Lake or exploring nearby hiking trails in Shoshone National Forest. The city also has a few attractions including an old-fashioned general store and museum where visitors can explore artifacts from early days in Wyoming’s history.

Powell, Wyoming lies approximately 25 miles south of Fairview and provides visitors with several attractions such as the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center which tells the story of Japanese-American internees during World War II, or Homesteader Museum which showcases artifacts from early settlers who homesteaded in Park County in the late 1800s. Visitors can also explore nearby parks such as Heart Mountain Wildlife Refuge or enjoy some outdoor activities at Buffalo Bill Reservoir State Park.

The towns surrounding Fairview provide plenty for visitors to see and do! Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or cultural experiences – there’s something here for everyone!

Fairview, Wyoming

Population of Fairview, Wyoming

According to HOMETHODOLOGY, Fairview, Wyoming is a small town located in Park County, with a population of just over 1,000 people. It is the second smallest city in the county, after Meeteetse. The population of Fairview is predominantly white (96.5%), with the remaining 3.5% made up of African American, Native American and Asian populations.

The median age in Fairview is 38 years old, and in terms of gender distribution there are slightly more males than females (51% vs. 49%). The median household income for Fairview is $45,000 per year and most residents own their own homes (76%). The unemployment rate in Fairview stands at 4%.

In terms of education level, most residents have completed high school or some college (42%) while 20% hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. There are several schools in the area including Fairview Elementary School and Park County High School which both serve students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The majority of people living in Fairview are employed by either local businesses or government agencies such as Park County Government or the Department of Transportation. Several people also work at one of the nearby ski resorts such as Sleeping Giant Ski Area which provides jobs to many locals during winter months.

Overall, the population of Fairview is diverse and friendly – providing an ideal place to raise a family or start a business!

Schools and Education in Fairview, Wyoming

Fairview, Wyoming is home to several schools, ranging from Elementary to High School. Fairview Elementary School serves students from Kindergarten through fifth grade and is located in the heart of town. It offers a variety of programs such as music and art classes, as well as a library and computer lab.

Park County High School is the local public high school, located just outside of town. The school offers a wide range of courses including AP classes, college prep classes and vocational training. PCHS also provides sports teams such as basketball, soccer and wrestling for students to participate in.

In addition to these two schools, Fairview is home to several private schools including Park County Christian School which provides an education based on biblical principles for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. There are also numerous daycares available in the area for those who need childcare services.

When it comes to higher education options, there are several colleges and universities within driving distance from Fairview such as Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming or Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Additionally, there are several community colleges located nearby that offer two-year degree programs as well as continuing education courses.

Overall, Fairview provides its residents with plenty of educational opportunities whether they’re looking for traditional schooling or more specialized training!

Places of Interest in Fairview, Wyoming

Fairview, Wyoming offers plenty of places of interest for visitors and locals alike. The town itself is a picturesque mountain community, surrounded by stunning views of the Absaroka Mountains. There are numerous hiking trails nearby that offer a variety of terrain and breathtaking scenery.

The historic downtown area is also worth checking out, with its quaint shops and restaurants. The town also hosts several events throughout the year such as the Fairview Summer Festival and the Fairview County Fair.

For those interested in outdoor activities, there are several options available such as fishing, camping and rafting on the nearby Yellowstone River. There are also several ski resorts located nearby including Sleeping Giant Ski Area which offers skiing and snowboarding during winter months.

Additionally, Fairview is home to many cultural attractions such as art galleries, museums and historical sites like the Buffalo Bill Center of the West which houses an extensive collection of Western artifacts from across North America.

Overall, Fairview is an ideal destination for those looking to explore nature or take in some culture!

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