Europe’s Foremost Cultural Cities

Norway is a country with a rich history, but which can by no means compete with the leading cultural cities in Europe. Several of the European capitals and cities have dozens of sights, museums, exhibitions and tourist attractions that any culture enthusiast will want to experience.

Here we will make six recommendations for Europe’s leading cultural cities. According to COUNTRYAAH, most of them are capitals of European countries. We have also selected a small bunch of cultural activities you can take part in in the different cities. It can be anything from a guided tour of the Colosseum, to classical concerts in Vienna.

Europe's foremost cultural cities

Rome, Florence or Venice

Italian society has for many years been known for its culture, which stretches back many hundreds of years. Rome is one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe and the rest of the world, which is a city with a lot of history. Here you can see the famous Colosseum or stand on St. Peter’s Square in front of the Vatican. Rome is also a city with many museums and art exhibitions, where several of the continent’s most famous painters have exhibited their masterpieces.

Furthermore, both Venice and Florence are two of the leading cultural cities in Europe. The former is known for the fact that there are no roads in the city, but only river canals and narrow pedestrian streets. Here there are lots of sights for tourists and culture enthusiasts, with well-preserved buildings and the like. In Florence you will find several of the continent’s oldest churches and palaces, which to this day are well preserved. Florence is also a major art city with lots of exhibitions, and the city is home to the Uffizi Gallery – recognized as one of the best art museums in the world.


Rome, Florence or Venice

The Polish city of Gdansk is known as the entire cultural capital of Poland, although it is far smaller than the capital Warsaw. Although Gdansk was laid in total ruins during World War II, the city has many historical memories. At the same time, there are very extensive exhibitions here from the mentioned war, at the same time as you will find a good number of art exhibitions and similar museums here. We recommend everyone who comes to Gdansk and who has a love of history, to visit the very extensive museum of World War II. It was known in Gdansk (Danzig) that World War II broke out.


Gdansk 2

and is known for its historic culture which is reflected through the many well-preserved buildings and memories from several hundred years ago. There are very many historical churches and cathedrals here, as well as a good number of museums that will appeal to you who like art or history. In particular, there are many great exhibitions from World War II here, and Riga is generally a city that is perfect for an eventful long weekend.



The Estonian capital Tallinn is for many only known as the cultural capital of Europe, and consequently a self-written city on this overview. The city has a long and rich history, where the district that is popularly referred to as the “Old Town” has the best-preserved memories. Walking here is experienced as a journey back in time, with traditional markets, cathedrals and museums wherever you turn.



Few cities in Europe can compete with Vienna when it comes to art and culture. Above all, it has perhaps established itself as Europe’s music capital, especially when it comes to classical music. Here you can also enjoy the sight of magnificent buildings and sumptuous castles. The city also houses a number of famous and rich museums.


Vienna 3

The magical city of Istanbul has a very long and varied history that stretches back several thousand years. Among other things, this was where the Scandinavian Vikings went to trade over a thousand years ago. Today you can actually find runic writing in Hagia Sofia after a Norwegian Viking who practiced the graffiti of the time with the inscription “Halvdan was here”. Istanbul is otherwise a melting pot between different cultures and a place where east and west meet. Here you will find old fortifications, bazaars, minarets and other historic buildings.

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