Emery, Utah Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Emery, Utah is a small city located in the heart of the San Rafael Swell region. It is surrounded by many other cities and towns that provide visitors with plenty of opportunities for exploration and recreation.

To the east of Emery lies Green River, Utah, a small town known for its outdoor activities. It’s situated near the Green River which offers excellent fishing, boating, and camping opportunities. It also has some great restaurants and shopping centers for visitors to explore.

To the north of Emery lies Price, Utah which is known as the “Gateway to the San Rafael Swell”. This city has several museums and galleries that showcase local artwork as well as historic sites such as the Price City Hall which was built in 1901. There are also several outdoor activities such as hiking trails, rock climbing areas, and ATV trails nearby.

To the south of Emery lies Castle Dale, Utah which is nestled among rolling hills in a valley surrounded by red rock formations known as The Castle Valley Cliffs. This small town has some great attractions including a historic downtown area with shops and restaurants as well as an 18-hole golf course at The Castle Valley Golf Club.

Finally, to the west of Emery lies Cleveland, Utah which is located near Muddy Creek Reservoir where visitors can enjoy fishing or take part in water sports like kayaking or canoeing. This city also offers plenty of hiking trails that wind through canyons and forests offering stunning views of nature along with wildlife sightings such as deer or elk herds. Cleveland also boasts some great restaurants that serve up delicious local cuisine.

Overall, there are plenty of interesting cities and towns surrounding Emery that offer visitors an array of activities from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences to shopping excursions!

Emery, Utah

Population of Emery, Utah

According to the latest US Census, Emery, Utah has a population of 3,170 people. The city is located in the heart of Emery County and is surrounded by several other small towns and cities. The population of Emery is mostly made up of Caucasian individuals who account for 93.6% of the total population. The remaining 6.4% of the population includes individuals from other racial backgrounds such as African American, Asian, and Native American.

The median age in Emery is 38 years old with a gender split that consists of 51.5% females and 48.5% males. In terms of education, 44.4% of those living in Emery have at least a high school diploma or equivalent while only 11.2% have gone on to complete a Bachelor’s degree or higher level degree program.

In terms of income levels, the median household income for those living in Emery is $41,898 which is slightly lower than the national median household income which stands at $55,322 per year according to US Census data from 2019-2020 fiscal year estimates. The poverty rate among those living in Emery stands at 18%, which is slightly higher than both the state average (12%) and national average (11%).

Overall, Emery has a diverse population with a wide range of incomes and educational backgrounds that make it an interesting place to live!

Schools and Education in Emery, Utah

According to LIUXERS, the Emery School District is comprised of two public elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. For students in grades K-6, the elementary schools provide a variety of programs such as music, art, physical education, and STEM. The middle school offers students in grades 7-8 a comprehensive curriculum that includes core academic classes as well as electives and extracurricular activities.

At the high school level, students are able to take college preparatory classes such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses or dual enrollment courses that allow them to earn college credit while still in high school. In addition to these courses, the high school also provides a variety of extracurricular activities ranging from sports teams to clubs and organizations.

In addition to the public schools within Emery, there are also several private schools located nearby that offer alternative education options for families looking for something different than what is offered in the public system. These private schools range from faith-based institutions to specialized academies focusing on areas such as technology or the arts.

According to MATERNITYETCHIC, Emery has an excellent educational system that provides students with a wide range of learning opportunities from early childhood through high school graduation. Whether attending a public or private institution in Emery or beyond, there are plenty of options available for students seeking a quality education!

Places of Interest in Emery, Utah

Emery, Utah is a small town with plenty of interesting places and attractions. From outdoor adventures to cultural activities, there’s something for everyone in Emery.

For those looking to explore the great outdoors, the area offers plenty of opportunities. The Emery County Recreation Center is a great place to start, offering visitors access to activities such as biking, hiking, camping, and fishing. There are also several nearby state parks and trails that provide ample opportunity for exploration and adventure.

Those looking for a more cultural experience will also find plenty of interesting places in Emery. The Emery County Historical Society Museum houses a variety of historical artifacts from the area’s past and provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the region’s unique history. Additionally, the town hosts several annual festivals throughout the year that celebrate its unique culture and heritage.

Finally, Emery has plenty of other attractions that make it an interesting place to visit. From local restaurants serving up delicious cuisine to shops offering unique gifts and souvenirs, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your time in this small town!

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