El Mirage, Arizona History, Economy and Politics

El Mirage, Arizona is a city located in Maricopa County, about 25 miles northwest of Phoenix. It is bordered by Sun City West to the north, Surprise to the east, Glendale to the south, and Peoria to the west. The city has a population of around 35,000 people and covers an area of approximately 18 square miles. Visit Themakeupexplorer to learn about Apache County, Arizona.

Geographically, El Mirage is situated in the Sonoran Desert and is part of the Basin and Range region which is characterized by high mountains and valleys separated by flat desert plains. The city lies on land that was once part of a large lake known as “The Great Basin”.

The terrain surrounding El Mirage consists mainly of flat desert plains with occasional low hills or mountains in the distance. To the north lies a large mesa known as “Four Peaks” which rises up to 4500 feet above sea level. To the east are two mountain ranges – White Tank Mountains and McDowell Mountains – which reach heights up to 5000 feet above sea level.

El Mirage receives very little rainfall throughout the year with an average annual precipitation rate of only 8 inches per year. Temperatures vary greatly throughout different times of day but generally range from 55-90 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months and 40-75 degrees during winter months.

The city is home to several parks including El Mirage Lake Park which offers visitors a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking, bird watching, horseback riding, swimming, boating and more. Additionally, there are several golf courses in El Mirage for those looking for some outdoor fun on the green!

Overall, El Mirage is a beautiful desert city with plenty of outdoor opportunities for those looking for some fun in the sun! With its unique geography consisting mostly flat desert plains punctuated by occasional hills or mountain ranges in the distance; its mild temperatures; and its abundance of recreational activities; there’s something for everyone in this charming Arizona town!

El Mirage, Arizona

History of El Mirage, Arizona

The history of El Mirage, Arizona, dates back to the mid-1800s, when the area was first settled by ranchers and miners. The land around El Mirage was originally inhabited by the Yavapai people, who had lived in the area for centuries before the arrival of settlers.

In 1881, a homesteader named George W. Lane filed a claim on 640 acres of land near what is now El Mirage. He established a ranch and planted several crops including cotton, hay, and alfalfa. The following year, Lane sold his claim to James J. McClintock who named it “El Mirage Ranch” after the mirages he saw while crossing the desert from Phoenix.

In 1888 a railroad line was constructed through El Mirage which allowed for increased development in the area as more people began to settle there. In 1903, a post office was opened and two years later El Mirage became an official town with its own school district.

For much of its early history, El Mirage remained primarily an agricultural community with farming being its primary industry until World War II when it became an important training ground for soldiers due to its expansive desert terrain and flat plains. After the war ended in 1945, many of these soldiers chose to stay in El Mirage and helped to further develop it into a thriving community with businesses such as banks and stores opening up throughout town.

Over time El Mirage has continued to grow steadily while still maintaining its small-town charm. Today it is home to around 35,000 people and is known for its beautiful desert scenery as well as its abundance of outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking and golfing at one of its several courses!

Economy of El Mirage, Arizona

El Mirage, Arizona is an economically vibrant city located in the northwestern part of Maricopa County. The city has a population of around 35,000 people and boasts a strong economy with a diverse mix of industries.

The primary industry in El Mirage is manufacturing, which accounts for nearly 30% of the city’s total economic output. This includes companies involved in the production of electronics, automotive parts and components, and aerospace components. In addition to manufacturing, El Mirage also has a robust construction industry which accounts for about 15% of the city’s total economic output.

In addition to its industrial sector, El Mirage also has a strong retail sector with numerous stores located throughout town. The city is home to several large shopping centers as well as several smaller independent stores that offer everything from clothes and accessories to furniture and home decor items.

The tourism industry is also an important part of El Mirage’s economy as the city is known for its beautiful desert scenery; its mild temperatures; and its abundance of recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking and golfing at one of its several courses! Tourism-related businesses such as hotels, restaurants and bars are all popular in El Mirage and contribute significantly to the local economy.

Finally, El Mirage is home to numerous small businesses which employ many local residents. These businesses range from professional services such as accounting or legal firms to retail outlets like clothing stores or gift shops. These businesses are essential for providing jobs to locals while also helping to diversify the local economy by providing goods or services that may not be readily available elsewhere in town.

Politics in El Mirage, Arizona

El Mirage, Arizona is a small city located in the northwestern part of Maricopa County. The city is governed by an elected mayor and a five-member city council. The mayor serves as the chief executive of the city, while the city council serves as the legislative body.

The mayor and city council are responsible for setting laws, establishing budgets and developing policies that benefit El Mirage residents. The mayor is also responsible for appointing department heads who oversee various departments such as public works, parks and recreation, police and fire.

The mayor and council also have to consider all aspects of local government when making decisions including economic development, public safety, infrastructure improvements and environmental protection. They must also take into consideration public opinion when making decisions on matters such as taxes or other fees that affect citizens’ pocketbooks.

In order to ensure that all voices are heard in El Mirage, there are several citizen advisory committees which provide input to the mayor and council on various topics related to local government. These committees include representatives from business associations, neighborhood associations, faith-based organizations, education groups and other community organizations.

The political climate in El Mirage is generally friendly with both Democrats and Republicans represented on the local level. In terms of party affiliation in recent elections for City Council seats, Democrats currently hold three seats while Republicans hold two seats.

Overall, El Mirage is a vibrant community with an active political climate where citizens can have their voices heard by their elected officials. By working together with their elected officials, residents can help shape their community’s future for years to come!

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