Driggs, Idaho Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Transporthint, Driggs, Idaho is located in the heart of Teton Valley and borders Wyoming to the east. This charming mountain town has a population of just over 1,800 people and is known for its stunning mountain views, outdoor activities, and vibrant culture.

The city of Driggs lies at the northern end of Teton Valley and is surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges including the Grand Tetons, Salt River Range, and Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The town itself has a small-town vibe with quaint shops, restaurants, galleries and more.

The nearby city of Victor is only a few miles away from Driggs and offers an array of attractions such as museums, historical sites, golf courses, and ski resorts. This city is also home to the Grand Targhee Resort which offers year-round skiing and snowboarding opportunities as well as summer activities like mountain biking and hiking trails.

The neighboring town of Alta lies south of Driggs in Teton Valley and offers plenty to do for visitors such as fishing on nearby Palisades Reservoir or exploring its many hiking trails. The small town also houses some unique attractions such as Alta Ghost Town which was once home to miners during the gold rush era in the late 1800s. To learn more about Idaho, please check Healthinclude.

Heading west from Driggs you’ll find Tetonia which sits at the base of Teton Pass and provides access to both Grand Teton National Park as well as Yellowstone National Park. This small but vibrant community offers plenty to explore including local art galleries, shops selling handmade goods from area artists, historic sites like Fort Hall Replica Site Museum & Visitor Center, plus numerous hiking trails for those looking for adventure!

Overall, Driggs Idaho is a great place to visit with plenty to offer visitors looking for outdoor recreation or just some time spent relaxing amidst beautiful scenery! Whether you’re interested in skiing or snowboarding in winter or exploring national parks in summer this charming mountain town has something for everyone!

Driggs, Idaho

Population of Driggs, Idaho

Driggs, Idaho is a small mountain town located in Teton Valley with a population of just over 1,800 people. The city is known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor activities, as well as its vibrant culture. Driggs is made up of a diverse population that includes both long-time residents and those who have recently moved to the area.

The median age of the city’s population is 33, with almost half (49%) of the population being between the ages of 25 and 44. The majority of Driggs’ residents are Caucasian (90%), followed by Hispanic/Latino (4%) and Native American/Alaskan Native (2%). The remaining 4% consists of Asian, African American and other ethnicities.

The median household income in Driggs is $37,831 with 16% living below the poverty line. The largest industries in Driggs are construction (17%), education services (14%), professional/scientific/technical services (12%), health care/social assistance (11%), retail trade (10%) and accommodation/food services (9%).

Education plays an important role in Driggs Idaho with over 90% of adult residents having at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, 14% have obtained some college or an associate’s degree while 10% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Driggs Idaho offers its residents plenty to do including numerous outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboarding during winter months or hiking trails during summer months. The city also has plenty to offer culturally with local art galleries, shops selling handmade goods from area artists, historic sites like Fort Hall Replica Site Museum & Visitor Center plus numerous other attractions for visitors to explore!

Schools and Education in Driggs, Idaho

Driggs, Idaho is home to two public schools: South Teton School District 401 and Teton County School District 400. The South Teton School District serves students in grades K-12 and boasts a student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1. This school district offers a variety of programs such as STEM, music, art, and physical education. They also provide special education services and English language learning support.

The Teton County School District serves students in grades K-8 and has a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. This district offers a comprehensive curriculum with core subjects such as math, science, social studies and English/language arts. Special education services are also available for students with disabilities.

In addition to the two public school districts, there are several private schools in the area including Valley Christian Academy and Jackson Hole Classical Academy. Both of these schools offer challenging academic programs that prepare students for college or career readiness after high school graduation.

Higher education in Driggs Idaho is provided by several nearby colleges including Brigham Young University – Idaho, College of Southern Idaho, Northwest Nazarene University and more! These institutions offer degree programs ranging from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees so that students can pursue their educational goals after high school graduation.

Overall, Driggs Idaho provides its residents with access to quality educational opportunities both in public schools as well as private institutions so that they can be successful both academically and professionally!

Places of Interest in Driggs, Idaho

Driggs, Idaho is a great place to explore and discover amazing places of interest. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural attractions, or historical sites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

For those looking for outdoor activities, Driggs is home to Grand Targhee Resort which offers skiing and snowboarding in the winter months as well as hiking and biking trails in the summer months. Additionally, there are several nearby national parks including Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park where visitors can explore the stunning landscapes of these protected areas.

For those interested in culture and history, there are plenty of places to visit in Driggs. The city is home to numerous art galleries featuring work from local artists as well as shops selling handmade goods from area artists. Additionally, there are several historic sites such as Fort Hall Replica Site Museum & Visitor Center that offer insight into the area’s past.

Other popular Places of Interest in clude Teton Valley Farmer’s Market which showcases fresh produce from local farms as well as arts and crafts from area vendors; Teton Valley Museum which offers exhibits on the region’s history; and Grand Targhee Music Festival which hosts multiple music performances each year.

Overall, Driggs Idaho has a variety of interesting places to visit that will appeal to all types of visitors! Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions, this city has something for everyone to enjoy!

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