Dominica Industry


Tourism does not have the same dominant role at Dominica as at other islands in the Caribbean, although the importance of the tourism industry has increased in recent decades.

During the 1990s, more hotels were built and the number of visitors steadily increased to a peak in 2006 when 84,000 people visited the island. Since then, visitor numbers have fluctuated. The number of day tourists from cruise ships is more than three times more than overnight tourists, but they do not contribute as much to the local economy as they only make short trips ashore.

Special efforts have been made to attract eco-tourists with the unique flora and fauna of Dominica’s pristine rainforests. Diving and snorkeling are other tourist attractions. Bird life is particularly multifaceted, with some of the world’s largest parrots.

Further expansion of tourism is hampered by the fact that the beaches are few, small and usually consist of black sand. Tourism is also limited by the fact that there is no international airport on the island. Plans to build a larger airport have been discussed for a long time without funding being able to be resolved. The project has also attracted criticism from environmentalists who believe that tourism on a larger scale poses a threat to Dominica’s sensitive nature.

  • COUNTRYAAH: List of top trading partners of Dominica. Includes countries that imported most shipments from and exported most goods to the country.

Dominican Republic


Number of foreign visitors per year

78 000 (2016)

tourist revenue

US $ 235,000,000 (2016)

The share of tourist income from exports

83.6 percent (2016)

Dominica Industry

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