Djibouti Industry

The Djibouti industry is undeveloped and almost all consumer goods must be imported. In the factories, mainly different types of food are processed.

The industrial sector as a whole (including the construction industry, mining, etc.) contributes around a quarter of the country’s GDP and employs around a tenth of the labor force. However, the manufacturing industry accounts for less than 3 percent of GDP.

The political turmoil in the region and high labor costs have hampered industry expansion, although new factories for the production of bottles, cement and synthetic stone have been started after the turn of the millennium.




Djibouti is reported to the UN

July 12

International Criminal Court ICC reports Djibouti to the UN Security Council, as well as to the authority that oversees the court’s work, the Associated States Assembly (ASP). The reason is that Djibouti failed to arrest Sudan’s wanted President Omar al-Bashir when he visited the country in May to participate in the installation of re-elected President Guelleh. As a member of the ASP, Djibouti has under the rules undertaken to arrest persons who are wanted by the ICC if an opportunity arises.


Expected election victory for Guelleh

April 8

President Guelleh wins the presidential election with 87 percent of the vote. Of the other five candidates, Omar Elmi Khaireh receives the most votes (just over 7 percent). The turnout is 68 percent. Parts of the opposition, which called for a boycott, demand that the election be redone because of cheating. All previous elections in Djibouti have been accompanied by similar complaints and boycotts. Among other things, the opposition must have been prevented from holding public meetings during the electoral movement. Shortly before Election Day, reporters from the British BBC are expelled after interviewing an opposition leader. However, observers from AU believe that the election was “sufficiently free and transparent to be regarded as a credible expression of the will of the Djibouti people”.


Cooperation agreement with China

January 20th

Djibouti concludes a series of economic agreements with China, which include banking cooperation and the establishment of a free trade zone.

Djibouti Industry

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