Diving in Greece

According to ehealthfacts, Greece is home to the oldest shipwrecks on earth. But you should always remember that for the lifting and export of ancient valuables, a punishment of up to two years in prison is provided.

Athens – The South East Coast provides a choice of many types of dives available both by car from the shore and from the ship. Caves, shipwrecks, walls, reefs or dives in historical sites.

Santorini offers virtually unlimited diving opportunities, with every rock or cave calling for you to explore. The water is the purest, because. Santorini is the top of an exploding volcano in the middle of the sea.

Corfu – a lush green island surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Reef Liapades. It is located five meters from the surface, leaving in terraces with many voids in the depths. The cave at 30 meters opens the way to a beautiful corridor with a vaulted ceiling 15 meters long.

Reef Monastery. For years, local fish have been fed by divers, so a simple crust of bread attracts hundreds of fish to eat from your hands.

Rock Kolovri. In Greek mythology, the Kolovri rock is the ship of Odysseus, turned to stone by the gods. This is an exciting dive site, lying 500 meters from the shore, surrounded by great depths. The south side is a terrace up to 25 meters deep, but a huge underwater arcade in the rock will take you to the north side, where the rock breaks down to a depth of 80 meters and even lower.

At both ends of Kolovri are Colona and Pinnacle (Column and Turret), which rise from a depth of 60 meters to 10-15 meters from the surface, providing diving along the wall for experienced divers.

The shipwreck of the Regulus. It is a small bay surrounded by sheer cliffs and with a cave located in the northeast corner of the bay. During World War II, a British minesweeper struck a mine in what was already considered a mine-free area. The crash site is littered with debris. Large wrecks of the ship are at great depths, but a huge anchor and chain can be seen already at 25 meters at the entrance to the bay. A gradual ascent up the slope up to 9 meters will lead you to the entrance to the cave with two main chambers with a white sandy bottom, from which, upon exit, you can enjoy a breathtaking play of light.

Rock of the Bride (rock of the bride) – these are three adjacent rocks protruding to the surface. At 25 meters, swimming through the crevasse will lead you to an arch at a depth of 18 meters filled with squirrelfish. You may also be lucky enough to see barracuda hunting around the rocks.

Groupers, moray eels, octopuses, spiny lobsters, large and small scorpion fish are found in the dive sites. Peering into the depths, you can see tuna and swordfish. If you take a lantern and look inside the cave, you can see a red shrimp hastily hiding in a dark gap. Overhanging ceilings and caves are filled with sponges and corals of various shapes and bright colors. The anemones sway slightly as you swim by.

The island of Crete.

North coast.

Bali. The site is only 20 minutes drive from Rethymno town by car along the north coast towards Bali village, which is an ideal diving site because it is protected from wind and waves. Various dive sites are accessible from the boat and are located 5 to 25 minutes from shore. The maximum depth is 20 meters. Here you can see various underwater animals of the Mediterranean.

Panormo. There are many diving sites that can be reached by boat in 5-10 minutes. Small caves, groupers, lobsters, rays, moray eels, octopuses and other underwater animals. Depths up to 30 meters.

Haracas. Haracas Bay is a 25-minute drive from Rethymno. There are many dive sites for both beginners and experienced divers. Depths up to 30 meters.

Eastern tip (town of Aghios Nikolaos). There are many dive sites here, some of them are described below.

Shipwreck site. Five minutes from the pier on a boat, there is a wreck of a sailing yacht, which lies at a depth of 25 meters. It happened near a small reef. Visibility of 20 meters and the lack of currents make diving easy. The maximum depth is 26 meters.

KAMINI 1. A popular dive site rich in marine life. The dive starts in shallow water and continues to the reef wall. The average depth is 20 meters, the maximum is 28 meters.

KAMINI 2. This place is only for experienced divers! It abounds with underwater life, here you can see any type of Mediterranean fish. The dive starts from a plateau at a depth of 13 meters and continues down to a cliff where huge groupers live. Interesting underwater landscape, rich underwater vegetation, old fishing nets – this is one of the best dive sites in the area.

The average depth is 27 meters, the maximum is 38 meters.

KREMASTA. The ever-changing environment makes it ideal for underwater photography and underwater naturalists. There is a cave through which the sun’s rays pass, forming an unforgettable view. Also here you can see a wall with a strange formation resembling a window that looks up at the surface. The average depth is 17 meters, the maximum is 25 meters.

Island Rhodes. Diving on this island is supervised by the Hellenic Archaeological Authority and is only possible in Kalithea Bay. Depths up to 22 meters.

On all the islands of Greece, you can snorkel on almost any beach. Rich underwater rocky landscapes, caves, clear water and variable depth make this activity especially exciting.

Diving in Greece

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