Delaware City, Delaware Weather by Month

By | April 14, 2024

Delaware City is a quaint and historic town located in New Castle County, Delaware, United States. Situated at the confluence of the Delaware River and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delaware City boasts a rich maritime heritage and serves as an important transportation hub. As of the 2020 census, the population of Delaware City was approximately 1,828 residents. Covering an area of around 1.3 square miles, the town is known for its beautiful waterfront, historic architecture, and scenic natural surroundings.

One of the defining features of Delaware City is its strategic location along the Delaware River, which has played a significant role in the town’s development and economy. The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, completed in 1829, further enhanced the town’s importance as a transportation corridor, allowing ships to bypass the treacherous waters of the Delaware Bay. Today, Delaware City is a charming destination for visitors seeking history, culture, and outdoor recreation.

Delaware City is home to several historic landmarks, including the Delaware City Historic District, which features well-preserved 19th-century buildings and homes. The Delaware City Refinery, owned by PBF Energy, is another prominent feature of the town’s landscape, serving as a major employer and economic driver for the region. Additionally, the town offers easy access to nearby natural attractions such as Fort DuPont State Park and the Delaware River Trail, providing opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and picnicking.

With its small-town charm, rich history, and scenic waterfront setting, Delaware City offers residents and visitors a unique blend of past and present, making it a delightful place to live and explore.

Climate and Weather Overview

Delaware City experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and cool, relatively mild winters. The town is located in a transitional zone between the humid subtropical climate of the Mid-Atlantic region and the humid continental climate of the Northeast. Delaware City receives moderate precipitation throughout the year, with rainfall spread evenly across the seasons.

Average Monthly Climate Data

Below is a table detailing the average temperature, precipitation, and sunny days for each month in Delaware City:

Month Average Temperature (°F) Precipitation (inches) Sunny Days
January 38 3.54 10
February 41 3.01 10
March 49 4.04 12
April 59 3.56 12
May 69 3.69 12
June 78 3.43 11
July 83 4.13 10
August 82 4.39 9
September 75 3.58 9
October 64 3.62 10
November 53 3.50 10
December 42 3.41 9

Weather by Month


January is one of the coldest months in Delaware City, with temperatures often hovering around freezing. While snowfall is relatively rare, residents may experience occasional winter storms bringing snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Outdoor activities may be limited due to the colder temperatures, but indoor attractions such as museums and galleries offer plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

Recommended Activities: Visiting local museums and galleries, attending indoor events and performances, exploring nearby historical sites.


February brings continued cold temperatures and the possibility of winter weather to Delaware City. While snowfall is less common than in January, residents should still be prepared for occasional wintry conditions. Indoor activities such as visiting art galleries, attending lectures, and dining at cozy restaurants are popular ways to stay entertained during the colder months.

Recommended Activities: Exploring indoor attractions, dining at local restaurants, attending cultural events and performances.


March marks the transition to spring in Delaware City, with temperatures gradually warming up as the days grow longer. While snowfall is still possible early in the month, residents can expect milder weather and the gradual emergence of spring blooms. Outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and fishing become more popular as the weather improves.

Recommended Activities: Hiking in nearby parks and nature reserves, birdwatching along the waterfront, fishing in local rivers and streams.


April brings warmer temperatures and blooming flowers to Delaware City, signaling the arrival of spring in full force. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking as the landscape comes alive with color. The mild weather and longer days create ideal conditions for exploring the town’s scenic surroundings and waterfront.

Recommended Activities: Biking along the Delaware River Trail, picnicking in local parks, visiting nearby botanical gardens.


May brings mild temperatures and abundant sunshine to Delaware City, making it the perfect time for outdoor adventures. Residents and visitors can enjoy activities such as boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding on the Delaware River. The town’s waterfront parks and trails offer scenic views and opportunities for picnicking and relaxation.

Recommended Activities: Boating or kayaking on the Delaware River, picnicking in waterfront parks, attending outdoor concerts and events.


June brings warm temperatures and longer days to Delaware City, with residents and visitors flocking to the outdoors to enjoy the summer weather. Boating, fishing, and water sports are popular activities on the Delaware River, while hiking and biking trails provide opportunities for exploration and adventure. The town’s waterfront restaurants and cafes offer al fresco dining options with views of the river.

Recommended Activities: Boating or fishing on the Delaware River, hiking or biking on waterfront trails, dining al fresco at local restaurants.


July is the hottest month in Delaware City, with temperatures often reaching into the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit. Residents seek relief from the heat by spending time at local parks and beaches, enjoying water-based activities such as swimming, tubing, and paddleboarding. Evenings can be spent attending outdoor concerts and events or dining at waterfront restaurants.

Recommended Activities: Swimming or tubing at local parks, paddleboarding or kayaking on the Delaware River, attending outdoor concerts and events.


August brings continued heat and humidity to Delaware City, with residents seeking ways to stay cool during the peak of summer. Water-based activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing remain popular, with families spending time together on the town’s waterfront. Residents can also enjoy outdoor concerts, festivals, and events held throughout the month.

Recommended Activities: Swimming or boating at local beaches, fishing or crabbing on the Delaware River, attending outdoor festivals and events.


September marks the transition to fall in Delaware City, with temperatures starting to cool down as summer comes to an end. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, and birdwatching as the landscape begins to change color. The town’s waterfront parks and trails offer scenic views and opportunities for relaxation and reflection.

Recommended Activities: Hiking or biking on waterfront trails, birdwatching along the Delaware River, attending fall festivals and events.


October brings cooler temperatures and the vibrant colors of fall foliage to Delaware City, making it a beautiful time to explore the outdoors. Residents and visitors can enjoy leaf-peeping drives, hikes through wooded trails, and visits to local pumpkin patches and orchards. The town’s waterfront restaurants and cafes offer seasonal menus featuring fresh produce and seafood.

Recommended Activities: Leaf-peeping drives along scenic routes, hiking in nearby parks and forests, visiting pumpkin patches and orchards.


November brings cooler temperatures and the first signs of winter to Delaware City, with residents preparing for the holiday season ahead. Outdoor activities such as hiking and biking may still be enjoyed, but residents should be prepared for cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. Indoor attractions such as museums, galleries, and theaters offer entertainment options for those seeking refuge from the colder weather.

Recommended Activities: Visiting indoor attractions, attending cultural events and performances, exploring local shops and boutiques.


December brings cold temperatures and the holiday spirit to Delaware City, with residents and visitors embracing the festive season. Outdoor activities may be limited due to the colder weather, but residents can still enjoy activities such as ice skating, sledding, and holiday light displays. Indoor attractions such as holiday markets, craft fairs, and seasonal concerts offer opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

Recommended Activities: Ice skating at local rinks, sledding at nearby parks, attending holiday events and festivals.

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