Deerfield, New Hampshire Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Travelationary, Deerfield, New Hampshire is a small town located in the southeastern corner of the state. With a population of just over 1,100 people, Deerfield is surrounded by several other small towns and cities that offer a variety of attractions and amenities.

To the north of Deerfield lies the town of Concord. This larger city offers a range of attractions such as museums, art galleries and entertainment venues. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities in Concord with several malls and stores located throughout the area. To learn more about New Hampshire, please check Phonecations.

Heading south from Deerfield visitors will find themselves in Manchester. This city is home to numerous cultural attractions such as an opera house, symphony hall and theater district. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and nightlife spots to explore in this vibrant city.

To the east lies Nashua which is home to several parks and recreational facilities including Mine Falls Park which is popular with locals for its walking trails and fishing spots. The city also has several shopping malls as well as some interesting historical sites like the Nashua Historical Society Museum where visitors can learn about local history.

Finally, heading west from Deerfield visitors will come across Salem which has plenty to offer including a number of golf courses, parks and recreation areas where locals can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or biking along scenic trails or taking part in water sports on nearby lakes and rivers. Salem also boasts an array of shopping opportunities with several malls located throughout the city offering everything from clothing to electronics.

Overall, Deerfield is surrounded by several towns and cities that offer something for everyone whether it’s outdoor activities, culture or just some good old-fashioned shopping therapy!

Deerfield, New Hampshire

Population of Deerfield, New Hampshire

Deerfield, New Hampshire is a small town located in the southeastern corner of the state. According to the most recent census data, the population of Deerfield is 1,115 people. Of this population, 49.4% are male and 50.6% are female. The median age in Deerfield is 42 years old with 25.3% of the population being under 18 years old and 14.9% being over 65 years old.

The racial makeup of Deerfield is predominantly White at 94%, with 2% African American, 1% Asian, and 3% from other races or two or more races combined. The largest ethnic group in Deerfield is German at 32%. Other popular ethnicities include Irish at 19%, English at 16%, French Canadian at 8%, and Polish at 6%.

In terms of educational attainment, 92% of adults aged 25 or older have graduated high school while 17% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. In terms of income levels, the median household income for residents of Deerfield is $61,875 per year with 24% living below the poverty line.

Overall, Deerfield has a relatively homogenous population that skews slightly older than average but still has a good mix of ages and ethnicities represented within its borders. With a median household income that’s slightly above average and an impressive level of educational attainment among its adult population, Deerfield provides its residents with plenty of opportunities for growth and development both professionally and personally!

Schools and Education in Deerfield, New Hampshire

Deerfield, New Hampshire is home to two public schools that serve the educational needs of its residents: Deerfield Community Elementary School and Deerfield Community High School. Both of these schools are part of the local school district and offer a comprehensive educational program for students in grades K-12.

At Deerfield Community Elementary School, students receive a well-rounded education that includes courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and health. Additionally, the school offers extracurricular activities such as art classes, music classes and sports teams.

Deerfield Community High School provides students with the opportunity to pursue their academic interests in greater depth. The curriculum at this school includes core academic subjects as well as elective courses in areas such as foreign language studies, computer science and business management. The high school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports teams and clubs devoted to various interests such as debate team or robotics club.

In addition to its public schools, Deerfield also offers access to higher education through nearby colleges such as Franklin Pierce University and Southern New Hampshire University. These institutions provide students with opportunities to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in fields such as business administration or computer science.

Overall, Deerfield is committed to providing its residents with access to quality education at all levels from elementary through college. With a wide range of educational opportunities available both within the town’s public schools system and nearby universities and colleges, Deerfield ensures that its residents have the opportunity to reach their full potential!

Places of Interest in Deerfield, New Hampshire

Deerfield, New Hampshire is a small town located in the Southern part of the state. It is home to many interesting places of interest, including historical sites, outdoor recreational activities, and cultural attractions. One of the most popular attractions in Deerfield is the Monadnock State Park. This park is a great place to explore nature and take in some spectacular views. Hiking trails run through the park, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery. There are also several lakes and rivers throughout the park that are perfect for fishing or boating. The park also features a number of picnic spots and camping areas so visitors can enjoy a day out in nature without having to worry about bringing their own food or supplies. Other attractions include The Great Stone Face, an iconic mountain that offers fantastic views from its summit; The Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves which offer visitors an opportunity to explore underground caves and waterfalls; and Deerfield Town Hall which houses a museum dedicated to local history. Visitors can also enjoy shopping at local stores and restaurants or take part in one of the many festivals held throughout each year.

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