Culdesac, Idaho Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Culdesac, Idaho is a small town located in the heart of the Nez Perce Indian Reservation in north-central Idaho. The town is surrounded by a number of small, rural cities and towns that offer plenty of activities and attractions to explore. To the west lies Lewiston, the largest city in Idaho’s Clearwater County and home to Lewis-Clark State College. Here you can find a variety of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and recreational opportunities such as golf courses and hiking trails.

To the east lies Lapwai, a town that was founded by Chief Joseph and his band of Nez Perce Indians in 1836. Here visitors can explore the Nez Perce National Historical Park which features over 40 sites related to their history and culture. Additionally, visitors can experience traditional Native American crafts at the Lapwai Trading Post or take part in one of the many cultural events hosted throughout the year such as Pow Wows or Salmon Ceremonies.

To the south lies Kamiah which was once an important trading post for fur trappers during its early years before becoming a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts today. Here visitors can enjoy fishing on one of its many rivers or lakes or explore nearby Hells Gate State Park which features camping sites, hiking trails and other recreational activities such as ziplining or horseback riding.

Finally, Culdesac is bordered by two small towns to its north – Orofino and Pierce – both of which offer plenty for visitors to do including visiting local wineries, exploring historic buildings or simply enjoying some rest and relaxation away from it all. With so much to see and do nearby – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Culdesac their home!

Culdesac, Idaho

Population of Culdesac, Idaho

Culdesac, Idaho is a small town located in the heart of the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and has a population of just over 400 people. The majority of the population is Native American, with the Nez Perce Tribe making up almost 80% of the community. They are joined by a small but diverse population that includes members of other tribes, whites and other ethnicities.

The median age in Culdesac is approximately 33 years old and there are slightly more women than men living in town. The average household size is 2.5 people and most residents own their homes rather than renting them. The majority of residents are employed in either agricultural or manufacturing jobs, with many employed by local businesses such as timber companies or farms.

Culdesac has a high rate of poverty with almost half of all households earning less than $25,000 annually and over 30% earning less than $15,000 annually. However, despite this poverty rate, most residents have access to basic needs such as electricity, running water and medical care due to services offered by the Nez Perce Tribe or other organizations within the community.

Education is important to Culdesac’s residents and most attend either Clearwater Valley High School or Clearwater Valley Elementary School which both offer quality education programs for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Additionally, families can take advantage of various educational opportunities offered through local organizations such as 4-H Clubs or after school programs at area libraries or churches.

Overall, Culdesac is a small but vibrant community filled with friendly neighbors who take pride in their heritage while also looking forward to embracing new opportunities that help bring more prosperity to their town.

Schools and Education in Culdesac, Idaho

According to MCAT-TEST-CENTERS, Culdesac, Idaho is served by two schools: Clearwater Valley High School and Clearwater Valley Elementary School. The high school offers quality education programs for students from 9th to 12th grade and the elementary school offers educational opportunities from kindergarten through 8th grade. Both schools are part of the Culdesac School District and are accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

At Clearwater Valley High School, students can choose from a wide variety of courses in areas such as math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education and electives. Additionally, students have access to a range of extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs and student organizations. The high school also has an active parent-teacher organization that works to improve the school’s resources and support its community.

At Clearwater Valley Elementary School, students are provided with a comprehensive curriculum that includes math, science, language arts and social studies. Additional courses such as art, music and physical education are also available for students in all grades. The elementary school also provides enrichment opportunities through programs like 4-H Clubs or afterschool activities at area libraries or churches.

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, in addition to the two public schools in Culdesac there are several private institutions located nearby including St. Mary’s Catholic School which offers preschool through 8th grade classes as well as religious instruction for children of all ages. Private tutoring is also available for those who need additional assistance with their studies or who want to pursue a more advanced curriculum than what is offered in the public schools.

Overall, Culdesac values education highly and provides its residents with a range of educational opportunities from both public and private institutions that help prepare them for success in life beyond high school graduation.

Places of Interest in Culdesac, Idaho

Culdesac, Idaho is a small rural community located in northern Idaho within the Nez Perce Reservation. The town has a population of about 400 and is known for its lush rolling hills, beautiful mountain views, and a tight-knit community atmosphere. In addition to its natural beauty, Culdesac also offers a range of places of interest to explore.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Culdesac. The Clearwater River runs through the town and offers excellent fishing opportunities and scenic views. There are also several hiking trails nearby for those who want to explore the area’s natural beauty. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, the nearby Snake River Canyon provides an exciting whitewater rafting experience.

Culdesac is also home to several historical sites including Fort Lapwai National Historic Site which was once an important outpost during the Indian Wars of the late 1800s. The town also contains several old buildings from the early days of settlement including the old brick schoolhouse which now serves as a museum that showcases local history and culture.

The local library is another great place to visit in Culdesac as it houses an extensive collection of books and other materials related to Idaho history and culture. There are also regular events held at the library such as book clubs, author readings, art classes and more.

The main street in town features a range of unique shops selling everything from antiques and art to books, clothing and jewelry. There are also several restaurants where visitors can sample traditional American cuisine alongside more exotic fare such as Mexican or Thai dishes.

Finally, no trip to Culdesac would be complete without visiting one of its two schools: Clearwater Valley High School or Clearwater Valley Elementary School both part of the Culdesac School District accredited by Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges offering quality educational programs from kindergarten through 12th grade respectively.

All in all, Culdesac has something for everyone with its stunning natural surroundings combined with many interesting places to explore making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for an enjoyable day out or extended stay in Idaho’s beautiful rural countryside.

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