Cortez, Colorado Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to behealthybytomorrow, Cortez, Colorado is a small town located in the southwestern corner of the state, near the borders of Utah and New Mexico. It is surrounded by several small towns and cities, each offering its own unique attractions and experiences.

To the north lies Dolores, Colorado, a quiet town that is home to some of the best fly fishing in the area. The McPhee Reservoir is a popular spot for anglers who are looking to reel in large rainbow trout or kokanee salmon. The reservoir also provides stunning views of nearby mountain peaks such as La Plata Peak or Mount Garfield.

To the southeast of Cortez lies Mancos, Colorado, a small mountain town that offers plenty of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, camping and hiking trails through lush forests and across scenic meadows. There are also several historical sites in Mancos that date back to Native American settlements from centuries ago.

Heading south from Cortez is Ignacio, Colorado which offers many opportunities for adventure including rock climbing at nearby Chimney Rock National Monument or exploring local art galleries and shops along Main Street. Ignacio also has several parks with playgrounds for kids and picnic areas for families to enjoy a day outdoors together.

Just east of Cortez lies Towaoc, Colorado which is home to Ute Mountain Tribal Park where visitors can explore ancient ruins left behind by Ancestral Puebloans centuries ago as well as learn about their culture through interpretive programs offered by park rangers. Visitors can also take part in traditional dances at Ute Mountain Casino or visit nearby Mesa Verde National Park to explore some of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America.

No matter what type of experience you are looking for while visiting Cortez you can find it within its neighboring towns and cities. From outdoor adventures like rock climbing or fly fishing to cultural experiences like learning about Native American history or exploring ancient ruins there is something for everyone just beyond Cortez’s borders.

Cortez, Colorado

Population of Cortez, Colorado

Cortez, Colorado is a city of approximately 8,700 people located in the Four Corners region of southwestern Colorado. The city is known for its unique location, situated near the borders of four states: Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. It is surrounded by several small towns and cities that offer their own unique attractions and experiences. Check computerminus for information about Alamosa County, Colorado.

The population of Cortez is diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, and economic background. According to the 2010 census data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median age in Cortez was 33 years old with a population that was 51% female and 49% male. The racial makeup of the city was 71% White (non-Hispanic), 2% African American (non-Hispanic), 3% Native American or Alaskan Native (non-Hispanic), 1% Asian (non-Hispanic), 0.7 % Pacific Islander (non-Hispanic), 11% other races (non-Hispanic) and 12% two or more races (non-Hispanic). The Hispanic population was 20%.

In terms of economic background, according to 2018 estimates from Data USA, the median household income in Cortez was $44,683 with 14.3 % of residents living below poverty level and 14.3 % receiving food stamps. The unemployment rate in Cortez was 4.5 % as of May 2020 which is slightly higher than the national average for that same time period which was 13%.

Cortez has a variety of educational opportunities for students ranging from elementary school all the way up to college level courses offered by Fort Lewis College located just outside town limits. There are also many cultural activities available such as festivals celebrating local artisans as well as an array of outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking due to its proximity to nearby parks such as Mesa Verde National Park or Ute Mountain Tribal Park. All these factors contribute to making Cortez an attractive place for both locals and visitors alike.

Schools and Education of Cortez, Colorado

Cortez, Colorado is home to a number of educational institutions, ranging from elementary school to college level courses. The Montezuma-Cortez School District (MCSD) serves the area with five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. MCSD also offers alternative education programs like the Four Corners Virtual Academy and the Colorado Early College program.

The elementary schools in Cortez are Manaugh Elementary School, Cortez Elementary School, Mancos Elementary School, Dolores Elementary School and Cahone Elementary School. The middle school is Montezuma-Cortez Middle School and the high school is Montezuma-Cortez High School. Each of these schools offer a variety of academic programs as well as extracurricular activities such as sports teams, band and choir performances and student clubs.

In addition to these public schools, Cortez also has two private schools: St. Margaret Mary Catholic School which offers grades K–8 and Trinity Lutheran Church which offers PreK–8th grade education with an emphasis on Christian values.

For those looking for higher education opportunities, Fort Lewis College is located just outside of town limits in nearby Durango. This public liberal arts college offers over 40 majors at both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as several certificate programs in areas such as nursing, business administration and engineering technology.

Overall, Cortez provides its residents with a variety of educational opportunities ranging from elementary through college levels that can help them achieve their academic goals. Whether it’s attending one of the local public or private schools or pursuing higher education at Fort Lewis College, Cortez provides many options for its students to pursue their dreams.

Landmarks in Cortez, Colorado

Cortez, Colorado is home to a number of unique and interesting landmarks that are sure to captivate both locals and visitors alike. One of the most well-known landmarks in Cortez is the Dolores River Bridge which was built in 1909 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge spans the Dolores River and provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Another popular landmark in Cortez is Hovenweep National Monument which is located just outside of town on the Utah/Colorado border. This ancient site was inhabited by Ancestral Puebloan people from around 600-1300 AD and today contains six villages spread out over 20 miles with over 500 individual structures including towers, pueblos, cliff dwellings and other archaeological sites.

The Cortez Cultural Center is also a must-see for those interested in local history. It features a museum, art gallery, gift shop, library and research center dedicated to preserving the heritage of Native American tribes as well as other cultures who have made their home in southwest Colorado.

For outdoor enthusiasts, McPhee Reservoir just outside of town offers plenty of activities such as fishing, boating, camping, hiking and biking. The reservoir also has several marinas offering boat rentals for those wanting to explore its waters.

Finally, no visit to Cortez would be complete without taking a trip to Mesa Verde National Park located about 40 minutes away from town by car. This park contains some of the best preserved cliff dwellings from ancient Puebloan people and offers breathtaking views along with educational opportunities about this ancient culture.

These are just some of the many landmarks that Cortez has to offer its visitors. From stunning views at Dolores River Bridge or Mesa Verde National Park to learning more about local history at the Cortez Cultural Center or exploring nature at McPhee Reservoir – there’s something for everyone in Cortez.

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