Corrales, New Mexico Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Corrales, New Mexico is a small town located in the Rio Grande valley near Albuquerque. The town is bordered by several other cities and towns, each offering their own unique attractions. To the north of Corrales lies Bernalillo, a small city that offers visitors a taste of traditional New Mexican culture. Here visitors can explore historic sites such as the Old Town Plaza and the Coronado State Monument as well as enjoy some of the area’s best restaurants and shopping.

To the east of Corrales lies Rio Rancho, a fast-growing city with plenty of recreational activities to explore. Visitors here can enjoy a round of golf at one of several courses or take in some outdoor recreation at one of several parks and trails in the area. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities here with numerous malls, outlets and specialty stores to choose from.

To the south is Los Lunas, home to some interesting historical sites such as the San Clemente Mission and Casa de Otero Museum. This city also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing at Caballo Lake or hiking at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.

Finally, to Corrales’ west lies Tijeras Canyon which is home to several popular attractions including Cedro Peak Trail and Sandia Peak Tramway which offer spectacular views from atop Sandia Mountain. There are also plenty of camping opportunities here for those who want to stay overnight or longer.

All in all, Corrales has plenty of bordering cities and towns that offer something for everyone looking for an enjoyable vacation getaway or day trip. With its convenient location near Albuquerque each destination is just a short drive away making it easy to explore all that this region has to offer!

Corrales, New Mexico

Population of Corrales, New Mexico

Corrales, New Mexico is a small town located in the Rio Grande valley near Albuquerque. According to the 2019 United States Census, Corrales has a population of 8,534 people. The town is made up of primarily Hispanic or Latino citizens at 79.3%, followed by those of White (non-Hispanic) descent at 17.6%. Other races make up the remaining 3.1% of the population including African American, Native American, and Asian/Pacific Islander.

In terms of age groups, Corrales has a fairly balanced population with nearly equal proportions in each group from 0-14 years old (23%), 15-24 years old (19%), 25-44 years old (27%), 45-64 years old (25%) and 65+ years old (6%).

The median age for Corrales residents is 40 years old which is slightly higher than the national average of 38.4. In terms of gender distribution, males make up 50% of the population while females make up the other 50%.

The median household income for Corrales residents is $66,915 according to data from 2017 which is higher than both state and national averages. The poverty rate for Corrales residents is 11% which is lower than both state and national averages as well.

Overall, Corrales has a diverse population with a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds represented throughout its citizens. With its convenient location near Albuquerque it’s no wonder why so many have chosen to call this small town home!

Schools and Education in Corrales, New Mexico

According to LIUXERS, Corrales, New Mexico is home to a variety of educational institutions for both students and adults. The Corrales Public School District serves the town’s elementary and middle school students and offers a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of all students. The district has two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

The Corrales High School, part of the Corrales Public School District, offers an array of courses including Advanced Placement classes as well as college prep classes. The high school also offers extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and student government which allow students to get involved in their community.

In addition to public schools, Corrales also has several private schools in the area. These include St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School which serves Pre-K through 8th grade students with a faith-based education; Montessori Community School which provides an individualized learning experience for children ages 2-6; and Sage Academy which is an independent K-12th grade school that focuses on experiential learning.

For adult learners or those looking for further education beyond high school there are several options available in Corrales as well. According to MATERNITYETCHIC, these include the University of New Mexico Continuing Education program which offers courses in everything from business to art; Sandia Area Technical Vocational Institute which provides certificate programs in various technical fields; and Central New Mexico Community College which provides two year degrees in many different subject areas.

Overall, Corrales has plenty of options for both young learners and adults looking to further their education or just learn something new! With its convenient location near Albuquerque it’s no wonder why so many have chosen to call this small town home!

Places of Interest in Corrales, New Mexico

Corrales, New Mexico is a small town located just north of Albuquerque that offers plenty of places of interest for visitors and residents alike. One of the most popular attractions in Corrales is the Bosque Trails System, which is comprised of over 25 miles of trails for hiking, biking, running, and horseback riding. The trails wind through the cottonwood bosque and offer stunning views of the Rio Grande Valley.

For those looking to learn more about Corrales’ history, there are several museums and historical sites in the area. The Corrales Historical Society Museum showcases artifacts from the area’s early settlers as well as displays about the region’s Native American cultures. Visitors can also explore Old Town Corrales which was established in 1706 and contains many historic adobe buildings including Adobe Church, Dating back to 1817.

Nature lovers will enjoy visiting Cabezon Park which offers two ponds with walking paths, a large grassy field perfect for picnics or sports games, and a playground for younger children. The park also features a picturesque gazebo with views of the Sandia Mountains. For those looking to take in some wildlife there’s also Paseo del Bosque Trail which runs along both sides of the Rio Grande River and offers excellent bird watching opportunities.

Finally, no trip to Corrales would be complete without checking out some of its local shops and restaurants! There are several unique stores selling handmade jewelry, pottery, furniture, artworks, clothing items and more. There are also plenty of restaurants offering delicious New Mexican cuisine as well as international favorites like Mexican food or Italian dishes.

Overall, Corrales has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to explore nature or experience local culture this small town has plenty to offer!

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