Cornwall, Connecticut Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Allcitycodes, Cornwall, Connecticut is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It is bordered by several other towns, each of which has its own unique attractions and activities to offer.

To the north of Cornwall lies Norfolk, Connecticut. This town is home to numerous parks and trails as well as a variety of cultural attractions such as The Infinity Music Hall & Bistro and the Norfolk Library & Museum. In addition, it also hosts several annual events such as the Norfolk Fair and the Norfolk Lions Club Festival.

To the east lies Goshen, Connecticut which is home to an array of outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping and fishing in nearby Lake Wononscopomuc. It also boasts several historical sites including the Goshen Historic District which features many 19th-century homes and buildings.

To the south lies Sharon, Connecticut which offers a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing at nearby Ski Sundown or visiting one of its many parks including Sharon Audubon Center or Housatonic Meadows State Park. It also boasts several cultural attractions including The Sharon Playhouse which provides live performances throughout the year.

Finally, to the west lies Canaan, Connecticut which offers visitors plenty to do such as exploring its historic downtown area or taking part in its annual Harvest Festivals held every September. It also has an abundance of outdoor activities ranging from kayaking on Lake Canaan to skiing at nearby Ski Butternut resort.

With so much to do and see in Cornwall’s neighboring towns and cities, visitors will be sure to find something that appeals to them!

Cornwall, Connecticut

Population of Cornwall, Connecticut

Cornwall, Connecticut is a small town located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut, on the border of New York. It has a population of approximately 1,400 people according to the 2010 census. The majority of the population is white with a smaller percentage being African American and Hispanic or Latino. The median household income for Cornwall is $70,000 which is higher than the state average. The town also has an above average education level with over 90% of adults having obtained at least some college education. In addition to being well educated, many residents are employed in professional and managerial positions in nearby cities like Hartford and New Haven. There are also many small businesses located within Cornwall that provide jobs for its residents. The town offers a variety of activities from outdoor recreation such as hiking and fishing to cultural events like plays put on by local theaters. There are also many restaurants, cafes, and bars located throughout Cornwall making it an ideal place to live for those who enjoy exploring new places and trying different cuisines.

Schools and Education in Cornwall, Connecticut

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, Cornwall, Connecticut is home to two public schools: Cornwall Consolidated Elementary School and Housatonic Valley Regional High School. The elementary school serves students in grades pre-K through 8 and the high school serves students in grades 9-12. Both schools are part of the Region One School District, which also serves the towns of Canaan and Salisbury.

The town is also home to several private schools including Indian Mountain School, a co-ed boarding and day school for grades 6-12, and The Gunnery, an all-boys boarding school for grades 9-12.

Cornwall has a strong commitment to education with over 90% of adults having obtained at least some college education. The town offers many resources for residents seeking higher education including libraries and community colleges. Additionally, there are several universities within driving distance that offer degree programs such as the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Trinity College in Hartford, Yale University in New Haven, and Wesleyan University in Middletown.

The town also offers many programs for its younger residents including afterschool enrichment activities like drama clubs and sports teams as well as summer camps that provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Cornwall is dedicated to providing its children with a quality education so they can reach their full potential.

Places of Interest in Cornwall, Connecticut

Cornwall, Connecticut is a quaint town located in the beautiful Litchfield Hills region of Connecticut. The town has a rich history and offers many places of interest that are sure to delight visitors.

One of the most popular attractions is the Cornwall Iron Furnace, which is one of the oldest remaining blast furnaces in America. This historical site showcases the industrial heritage of Cornwall and offers guided tours for visitors to learn about its history and significance.

The town also boasts many outdoor activities for nature lovers, including hiking, biking, fishing and camping. The Appalachian Trail runs through Cornwall and there are plenty of beautiful trails throughout the area for adventurers to explore.

Cornwall also has an abundance of cultural attractions as well. There are several local theaters that put on plays throughout the year and art galleries featuring both traditional and contemporary works from local artists. The town also hosts an annual street fair in August that features live music, food vendors, arts & crafts, and more.

For those who prefer shopping to sightseeing there are several quaint shops scattered throughout Cornwall selling everything from handmade jewelry to antiques. Additionally, there are several restaurants serving up delicious cuisine from around the world as well as cozy cafes offering coffee & pastries perfect for a day out with friends or family.

No matter what your interests may be, Cornwall has something for everyone to enjoy!

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