Columbus, New Mexico Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ehuacom, Columbus, New Mexico is located in Luna County and is bordered by several cities and towns. To the south of the city is the town of Deming, which lies along Interstate 10 and offers visitors a variety of attractions such as the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum, a local movie theater, and several restaurants. Further south on I-10 lies Las Cruces, New Mexico’s second-largest city. This vibrant city offers plenty of attractions such as museums, art galleries, shopping centers, and even an Old Town historic district.

To the east of Columbus lies West El Paso, Texas – a city known for its vibrant culture and exciting nightlife. Visitors can explore downtown El Paso which features restaurants, bars, art galleries, theaters, and more. Further east on I-10 is Hudspeth County where visitors can experience some of the best hunting spots in Texas as well as enjoy camping at Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

To the north of Columbus lies Lordsburg – a small town that serves as a gateway to Arizona’s Gila National Forest. This area offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails through pine forests or fishing in one of the many lakes located throughout the region. Just northwest of Lordsburg is Silver City – another small town that has become popular for its many cultural attractions including The Silver City Museum which offers visitors an opportunity to learn about southwestern history through exhibits featuring artifacts from Native American tribes as well as Spanish explorers.

No matter what brings you to Columbus, New Mexico there are plenty of bordering cities and towns worth exploring! From vibrant El Paso to quaint Lordsburg – there is something for everyone in this region!

Columbus, New Mexico

Population of Columbus, New Mexico

Columbus, New Mexico is a small town located in Luna County and has a population of 1,664 according to the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau estimates. The majority of the population is Hispanic or Latino (75%) with a smaller percentage of White (18%) and Native American (4%) individuals making up the remainder of the population. The median age for Columbus is 33 years old which is slightly lower than the national average at 37 years old.

The median household income for Columbus is $25,541 which is significantly lower than the national average of $68,703. Approximately 23% of residents are living below the poverty line with an additional 19% considered to be working poor. Unemployment in Columbus is higher than the national average at 8% compared to 6%.

The education level in Columbus also falls below the national average with only 17% of adults having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher while 28% have obtained their High School diploma or GED equivalent. Despite this, there are several schools located within Columbus such as Deming High School, New Mexico State University-Deming Campus, and Cochiti Elementary School that offer students quality education opportunities throughout their educational journey.

Overall, Columbus has seen a steady growth in its population since 2000 as more people move to this small town for its friendly atmosphere and affordable cost of living. With its diverse population and plenty of attractions nearby – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Columbus home!

Schools and Education in Columbus, New Mexico

According to EDUCATIONVV.COM, Columbus, New Mexico is home to several schools located in and around the town that offer students quality education opportunities throughout their educational journey. The Deming Public Schools district provides students with a range of elementary, middle, and high school options within the city. The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, and after-school programs.

Cochiti Elementary School is a public elementary school located in Columbus that serves students in pre-K through fifth grade. At Cochiti Elementary, students are offered a wide range of engaging and enriching learning experiences including art classes, physical education, music classes and more. The school also offers an after-school program to help students stay engaged with their studies while having fun at the same time.

New Mexico State University-Deming Campus is the only university located in Columbus offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs for local residents as well as those from surrounding areas. Students can choose from a variety of degree options including Business Administration, Nursing, Education and more. The university also provides opportunities for student involvement through clubs and activities as well as student organizations such as the Student Government Association (SGA).

The graduation rate for Columbus schools is lower than the national average at 77% compared to 84%. However, there are several initiatives being implemented by local schools to help improve graduation rates such as increasing access to resources like tutoring services or providing alternative pathways to graduation or college readiness programs.

Overall, Columbus has several educational opportunities available for its students ranging from public elementary schools to higher education institutions like New Mexico State University – Deming Campus. With its diverse population and plenty of attractions nearby – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Columbus home!

Places of Interest in Columbus, New Mexico

Columbus, New Mexico is a small city in Luna County that offers plenty of places to explore and activities to enjoy. The city is located just a few miles from the Mexican border and has an estimated population of 2,000. It’s a great place for those looking for a peaceful and laid back atmosphere with plenty of local attractions.

The Columbus Historic District is the main attraction in town, featuring 19th-century buildings with adobe walls and wrought iron balconies. Visitors can explore the old post office, school house, courthouse, jailhouse, and more. The district also includes the historic Palomas Hotel which was built in 1882 and is now a museum showcasing artifacts from the area’s past.

The Columbus Museum & Cultural Center showcases artworks from local artists as well as exhibits on local history. Located within the museum complex are two historic homes that have been converted into galleries – one featuring contemporary artworks while the other displays traditional Mexican folk art.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are several parks located throughout Columbus including Memorial Park which features walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and more; Stahmann Farms Nature Park which provides access to nature trails; and Veteran’s Memorial Park where visitors can pay their respects at the memorial dedicated to fallen veterans from this area.

Those looking for some fun can visit one of many arcades or bowling alleys located in town or take part in some outdoor recreation such as golfing at Palomas Golf Course or fishing at nearby Lake Roberts. Other popular attractions include shopping at the local farmers’ market or visiting one of several wineries located nearby like La Viña Winery or Corralitos Winery & Vineyards.

No visit to Columbus would be complete without sampling some of its delicious food offerings – from Mexican dishes like chile rellenos to American favorites like burgers and fries – there’s something for everyone here! Whether it’s exploring its historic sites or enjoying its unique food offerings – Columbus offers something for everyone!

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